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Creation of storage sub-pages for uploaded files

- If you are unable to upload files  directly to the "Our..." pages, you must first store them in one of the "Upload Storage '64" sub-pages

-These files can then be moved to other pages using the Gallery options (go to Content, Add, Gallery...)

- You can create your own "Upload Storage '64sub-page and store uploaded files

- your page will be similar to the "Storage 64 A, B, C" sub-pages already listed
- To create a sub-page, do the following:

- click the Settings tab (above) and select "Add sub-page"

- add a Page name

- try "Storage 64 X", where X is your surname initial. Other classmates might use the same page.
- If you want your own page, use  your name or part of it for X, as in “Storage 64 Obama

- add a URL name

- try "st64x", where x is the same letter or letters you used for X

- click the Save settings button.

- you now have a page to which you can upload your files
- to do so, select your "Storage 64 X" page, go to Contents, and select Add.
- follow the guidelines in "Adding stuff - simple uploads" in the page list at left

- to transfer your stored files to “Our…” or other pages, see How do I create a picture gallery?


Submitted by David H. Stringer on Tuesday, 6/19/2012, at 1:31 PM
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