Message from our Reunion Chair Beaman Cummings

Submitted by Lee L. Keener on Wednesday, 2/15/2017, at 1:12 PM

Dear Classmates and Widows:

To paraphrase the "Senior Song," the time draws nigh when we must meet! We are at a little over three months and counting. As of today, 59 members of the class have registered for our reunion, with total attendees of 103. We urge you to look at the up-to-date list of registered attendees at Who is Coming? You can search by class year (or name) and view those classmates returning for our 50th (we hope you are there!) and be sure that friends, former roommates and others whom you would wish to see are coming.

So, get your reunion registration in NOW!

This is not an English 1-2 writing assignment; it's really easy. You can register online and pay by credit card or simply fill out the hard copy form and put it in the mail along with your check made out to Amherst Class of 1967.

This may be your last—and only—chance to see this cast of characters up close and personal. And, just as important, it may be their last chance to learn what happened to you.

We all have our busy lives, which we enjoy, but this is an experience that can't be found anywhere else; the 50th version of it only comes around once.

I hope to see you in Amherst May 24 – 28.


Reunion Schedule

Submitted by Lee L. Keener on Wednesday, 12/14/2016, at 6:36 PM

Beaman has now sent out by email a schedule for our 50th Reunion. It is reproduced below for your convenience:

Your reunion committees had a very productive meeting on Saturday morning of Homecoming Weekend at Amherst. We agreed on a schedule, a class souvenir and a budget. The class fees for the reunion weekend will remain the same as they were for our 45th reunion and are:

Alumni – $210
Guest (16 and over) – $190
11 to 15 years old – $100
Widows – 0
10 years and under – 0
Golf (18 holes/9 holes) – $75/$40

Class of 67 tentative schedule:

Wednesday, May 24
2 p.m. – Headquarters opens for early arrivals
Drew (Phi Alpha Psi)

Thursday, May 25
11 a.m. to 2 p.m. – Sandwiches for lunch

Noon to 4 p.m. – Tennis
Amherst Tennis Courts

6 p.m. – Dinner (on your own)
Valentine or as desired

7 p.m. – Mike Campbell '67 piano concert
Arms Music Center

10 p.m. – HQ open bar until 11 p.m. or lack of interest

Friday, May 26
8 a.m. to 11 a.m. – Continental Breakfast

9 a.m. – Golf
The Orchards

11 a.m. to 2 p.m. – Sandwiches

Noon – Class programs
Various locations

5:30 p.m. – Pre-dinner drinks

6:30 p.m. – Mixed Grill Dinner

7:30 p.m. – Bluestockings sing

11:30 p.m. – HQ bar closes

Saturday, May 27
8 a.m. to 11 a.m. – Continental Breakfast

All Day – Class programs
Various locations

10:30 a.m. to Noon – All Reunion Classes Conversation with President Biddy Martin
Johnson Chapel

12:15 p.m. – All Reunion Classes Luncheon
Valentine Quad

5 p.m. to 6 p.m. – Pre-dinner reception and drinks
President's House

6:15 p.m. – Class picture and Remembrance List

7 p.m. – Class Banquet
Valentine (Russ Room)

7:30 p.m. – Zumbyes sing
Valentine (Russ room)

9 p.m. to ? – After Party

Sunday, May 28
8 a.m. to 11 a.m. – Getaway Continental Breakfast

A piano will be available at our Drew House Headquarters, and Jane Bradley has agreed to again lead us in song as she did at our 45th reunion. Bring an instrument and join in the fun.

Bottled water, soda, mixers, beer and wine will be provided free of charge at Drew. Hard liquor is BYO.

To sign up for tennis, call or email Jon Peirce,<>, 902-469-0833.

To sign up for golf at the Orchards, call or email Gary Gold,<>, 860-563-7033. Pay your green fee when you register for our reunion.

On-campus housing for our class will be at our Headquarters, Drew House, or Cohen House. They are next to each other and directly across Route 9 from Valentine Hall.

More Information on the 50th Reunion

Submitted by Lee L. Keener on Wednesday, 11/16/2016, at 4:28 PM

Beaman and his team have been working hard on planning our fabulous 50th reunion. More details have emerged! The event will run from May 25 through May 28. The headquarters will be Drew House (Phi Alpha Psi) across from Valentine. It will be open for early arrivals on Wednesday, May 24. The fees will be $210 for alumni and $190 for guests 16 and over. A detailed schedule of events will be sent out near the end of November. Ideas for our class programs should be sent to Dick Spies at Registration for the reunion will begin in early January. And don't forget to respond to Jim Levine's request for submissions for the 50th reunion book.

50th Reunion May 25 - 28, 2017

Submitted by Lee L. Keener on Tuesday, 5/31/2016, at 6:35 PM

Our 50th class reunion is a little less than a year away. Mark your calendar for 25 to 28 May 2017 and make plans to return to our college on the hill to renew old friendships and to make new ones. Beaman Cummings,, is our reunion chairman and is in the process of forming a team to create the formula for a great weekend. He is looking for volunteers to serve as the Attendance, Headquarters and Social Media committee chairmen. He will have a planning meeting in November during Homecoming Weekend on the morning prior to the Amherst-Williams football game.

Master's Rowing

Submitted by Lee L. Keener on Wednesday, 6/1/2016, at 11:34 AM

Master's Rowing


Here is a picture of two old Class of 1967 alums getting together in Camden, New Jersey, of all places. Rick McClure has been crewing in Master races all over the world for years (He still thinks he is young) so Bob Whitelaw and his wife had to see him race in a National Master's regatta on the Cooper River in 95 degree heat. He won a medal so he certainly upheld the Amherst reputation. Bob is on the left.

Reunion: The War Classes

Submitted by Lee L. Keener on Wednesday, 6/1/2016, at 11:35 AM
In 1967, Dick Hubert ’60 wrote and produced a 30-minute program for ABC Scope, a weekly show focused on aspects of the Vietnam War.  Dick filmed the program at our commencement, interviewing graduating seniors and members of the classes of 1917 and 1942.  The program was “Reunion: the War Classes.”  It’s now available to stream from the Amherst alumni website at .  Class members who appear include Jon Peirce (with his father, Charles, ‘42), Steve Cohen, Ed Allen, Chris Nugent, Evan Slater, Jeff Willius, Kim McMullin, and Hal Wilde. Thanks go to Jack Hailey '67 for arranging to make this video available.

Letter from Mike Breton

Submitted by Lee L. Keener on Wednesday, 3/2/2016, at 11:59 AM
To Class Members:
I guess we all got a nice note today from Harold Wilde about the 50th class reunion for the Amherst class of 1967. I actually remember Wilde from my American Studies seminar sophomore year, good guy, lots to say, very funny at times. Some of the other names on the letterhead also ring a note in memory, like Chris Nugent who was in my freshman dorm (Morrow). But most of the names I knew are not there. In looking at the note Harold (Hal?) wrote, I see there is reference to an ABC-TV show about war veterans at Amherst over generations. I guess I missed that. I was in Vietnam at the time.
I remember in the fall of ‘65 Dean Wilson, who admitted me, called me in, asked me before I left what happened, why was I leaving Amherst, why was I going? I had such promise. I wanted to give an answer, but I could not find one. It would take years to know.
I did make it back and finally graduated with the class of ‘71 in January of that year. So I never experienced an actual graduation of any class. Maybe that was my fault. So much was. Still the experience of attending Amherst College was the most valued of my young life. While in Vietnam, my goal was to survive and get back to Amherst. There was unfinished business there, very important. At Amherst I experienced what education was in its most intense form, exhilarating, intimidating, every now and then, overwhelming. English 1-2, Physics and Calculus 1-2? Oh yes, and so much more. Did it help shape my life? Yes, definitely. It is an important part of who I am. Did it hurt me? Yes, on more than one occasion. I could point to the wounds. Perhaps that is the essence of education, being pushed to extremes. Of course, not all are pushed. Some glide through. Intimidating? You decide.
So would I like to attend the 50th reunion? I certainly would, and I will, unless some other act of fate intervenes. But I feel like I will hardly know anyone. I imagine I am not the only one. Fifty years is a long time. It’s a long time gone from those late summer days first arriving on campus. I put on my cross country shoes and went for a solitary run, up a small hill out into the countryside on a hot afternoon. The tar was a bit soft on the side of the road and you could smell it. Not to be forgotten. I never ran on that road again. I don’t know why. It seemed idyllic. Because it was.
How soon that would change. I recall that many said Amherst was not the real world, it was a cocoon, locked away, protected. Not for me. I never understood. For me it was a door opened into a new world where learning never stopped and challenges abound. I love life. I loved it more after Amherst. Amherst was always a part of the world, a special part. That is how it was for me. I will come to the reunion, with my wife, my very best friend, who also knows the place from long ago. If need be, we can cling together, maybe, probably. I have some fears. Will I know anyone? Can we relate after so much time? Or are Amherst and those years surrounding 1967 only a dream gone by? Yes, I think, but not completely. Not gone, yet.
Michael Breton, (AC 67)

A Visit to North Korea

Ron Hoge '67 recently visited North Korea for five days with an international business group. Ron is the distinguished gentleman in the center of the picture with the gray hair and beard. His wife Dianne is in the front row on the right in traditional Korean dress. The picture was taken in front of the North Korea War Museum.

Reunion Survey Results

Submitted by Lee L. Keener on Saturday, 6/2/2012, at 11:00 PM

President Jim Inglis sent out a questionnaire to the members of the class who indicated they would attend the 45th reunion. Here are the results:

Amherst ’67  45th Reunion Survey


1. How many children do you have? [54]

Percent             Count

0                     7.4%                 4

1                     11.1%               6

2                     44.4%               24

3                     31.4%               17

4                      1.9%                 1

5                      3.7%                 2


2. How many grandchildren do you have? [54]

Percent             Count

0                     44.4%               24

1                     11.1%               6

2                     20.4%               11

3                     9.3%                 5

4                     7.4%                 4

5                      1.9%                 1

6                     5.6%                 3


3. What is your current employment status? [54]

Percent             Count

Full-time            48.1%               26

Part-time           16.7%               9

Retired             24.1%               13

Other                11.1%               6

*Author; *Retired but doing consulting; *Self-employed writer and part time teacher; *Evolving; *Enjoying life, getting exercise, not really "work";* Self employed, retired, but with several part-time jobs


4. If employed full or part-time, have you changed careers within the past 3 years? [40]

Percent             Count

Yes                  5.0%                 2

No                   95.0%               38


5. How has your weight changed since Amherst 1967? [54]

Percent             Count

LESS-by 11 or more lbs.            5.6%                 3

SAME-within +/- 10 lbs.             37.0%               20

MORE-by 11-20 lbs.                  25.9%               14

MORE-by 21-30 lbs.                  18.5%               10

MORE-by 31+ lbs.                    13.0%               7


6. If you drink alcoholic beverages, which type do you prefer? [46]

Percent             Count

Beer                21.7%               10

Wine                54.3%               25

Distilled Spirits  23.9%              11


7. Where were you when you learned JFK had been shot? (Skip if you cannot remember.) [52]

Morrow Hall

In my dorm room

In hall outside dorm room

James Hall

Pratt Dorm

Room 209 Pratt

Hallway of Morrow Dorm

Dorm room

In Stearns Hall dorm room

Pratt Dorm

Stearns dorm

In my dorm room (James).

In my dorm room, just after release from Amherst infirmary with an incipient ulcer

Morrow dorm

Coming down stairs in dormitory

Coming back from lunch to Pratt South Entry. I went downstairs to WAMF and watched the news roll off the teletype.

James dormitory

On the way to Valentine Hall

On my way back to Pratt from Valentine (I think).

Returning to James from Valentine at steps in front of Barrett Hall. Keith Heller came running down from quad shouting the news

Walking from Valentine to Chapin: Hugh Lipton leaned out of a window in Morrow and shouted that Kennedy had been assassinated, and student were streaming into the Morrow basement to the TV.

Stairs in Pratt south entry

Walking across quad to Valentine Hall

On my way from lunch in Valentine Hall to my dorm room in Morrow. I immediately went to the basement in Morrow where there was a TV set. Walter Cronkite was on from the CBS newsroom with live coverage. Probably there were 20+ students standing and watching.

On the way to Valentine

Walking from Valentine to Pratt

Heading to Valentine from Pratt. Jim Greene said "the President's been shot." I heard "Presley has been shot" and wondered who would shoot Elvis.

Leaving the dining hall after lunch

In front of Valentine

In front of Valentine

Walking into Valentine coming from a gym class

I was with my Dad at a friend's house in Amherst trying to sell the family Peugeot when our friend heard it on the radio.

Alumni Gym

Physics lab

Religion seminar

Physics 1 lab

Amherst science lab

In Ben Ziegler's class on American government.

On my way to physics lab--I was walking through the basement of Morrow and the TV was on--No physics lab that day

Physics building library

Headed toward physics class.

Memorial Hill Tree

Talkng with Maude, the college telephone operator in Johnson Chapel.

Amherst Green

On the way to Physics class

Returning from soccer practice

Walking to town to get my numeral sweater with Ron Hoge

At a Greek language class

In Lefrak's dorm room

I was at Denison University my freshman year. Transferred to Amherst my sophomore year.

Rubio, Venezuela



8. Who was your FAVORITE professor at Amherst? [53]

W.E. Kennick (4)

A tie between Pritchard and Kennick.

Benjamin DeMott (4)

Earl Latham (2)

Lew Mudge

Leo Marx

Bruce Morgan (Religion)


MacLeish and Baird

Arnie Arons (2)

Arons and Zeigler


John Moore, Classics

Bill Ward (2)

John Ratte and Bill Ward

Atherton Sprague


Jim Denton

Dr. Foose


Economics professor

Allen Kropf.

Richard Girsch, Department of English, English 1-2


George Kateb, Theodore Greene

Tracy Mehr

A tie-- Charles Morgan/ George Kidder


Arnold Collery

James Nelson in the Economics Dept.

Henry Commager

The guy who taught American Art (don't remember the name)


Professor Alan Kropf


John Petropolis, bill ward


Everrett Harrison, Prof of German




Carroll Westfall

Bruce Archibald

Prof. Cameron


9. What was your LEAST FAVORITE course at Amherst? [50]

Physics (10)

Organic chemistry (3)

All math and science courses

Calculus (2)

Complex Variables

Abstract algebra

Theory of Matrices in Math Honors program

Intro to Biology

Chemical Thermodynamics


Science 2

Chemistry (3)


Evolution--my science requirement.


Psychology 1 (2)

Freshman English (4)

Humanities 1-2 (3)

American History

History II

English Constitutional Law.

Public speaking.


Philosophy 21


French 1




All that comes to mind is a particularly low moment in my first semester Humanities course Freshman year. After nearly falling asleep reading The Iliad, I went to class and discovered that a fellow classmate, Peter Strang, had already studied The Iliad in high school in Greek!

Goon squad Phys Ed with Lumley.


10. While an Amherst student, what was your favorite spot on campus? [53]

War Memorial (23)

Valentine Hall (4)

Geology museum

Mead Art Museum

Frost Library


Room in Chapel where the morning Chapel speaker would turn up at night to talk with whomever showed up.

Playing fields

The areas at the ends of Pratt Field

Churchill House

Any fraternity house bar

Psi Upsilon house (4)

Frat house library

Near the Beta jukebox.

The Beta bar

AD house

The bar at Phi Gam,

Bar Phi Gam, Robert Frost Library

The Deke bar

AD House

DKE house

Phi Delt

My bed, because I was so seldom there!