Registered Attendees - May 22, 2012

Robert Bell and Eileen Inglesby-Houghton
Richard Benson, Lynne Moore and Veronica Benson-Moore
Louis and Barbara Bernstein
James and Laura Bittman
Mitchell and Diane Blair
Craig Blockwick
Stephen Boehm
Thomas and Anne Brady
Nicholas Bromell
Michael Bulman and Ronnie Janoff-Bulman
Steven Cadwell
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Gary Clamurro
Timothy Cockshutt
Eric Cody
Stephen and Patricia Cousey
Jeffrey and Luisa Craven and Andi McBride
George Cummings
Wolfgang Dase and Katrina Carye
Joseph De Martine
Abraham Dietz
Douglas Fitts and Peggy Bragg
Timothy Fort and Martha Bailey
James and Jane Fox
Jay Franke
Stephen and Gail Gang
Harold Gordon and Donna Withey
Walter and Nan Greenough
J. Phil and Nancy Hammond
Joseph and Lisa Hartzler
David Helfand and Jada Rowland
Mark Hoffman and Margaret DiVito
Douglas and Elizabeth Johnson
Stuart Katz and Madeline Morris
John and Dorothy Keene
Michael and Catherine Kelleher
Robert Kingman
Paul Koulouris and Susan Huettner
Mark Kuperberg and Susan Wright
Brian Lebowitz and Lise and Samantha Goldman

David and Debra Levenson
Thomas and Sandra Lipscomb
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Douglas and Mary Menzies
Jeffrey Metzger and Stephanie Stahr
James Miller
W. John and Andrea Moore
Timothy Murphy and Jeanne Julian
John Orr
James and Susan Pates
Douglas Peddicord
Ronald Pergola and Sheryl Smith
Norman Perr and Jo-Anne Bessette
Robert Quaintance and Jane Azia
David Ray and Melody Bruce
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Horace Porter
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Samuel Rosenberg
Robert Rosepink
Thomas and Caroline Ryan
Joseph Sachs
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Janice Schell
W. Lincoln and Meredith Schoff
Philip and Jeanne Shapiro
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Stephen Stanne
John and Judy Stephenson
Dale Swartz and Jeannette Noltenius
Clifford Teutsch
Christopher Torem and Madeline Torem
Peter Trencher
David and Elizabeth Turesky
Tsiambu and Gladys Vusi
James Ward
John Welch
Russell Williams
Wayne and Maria Wormley
Robert, Anne and Sienna Yamins

Class of 1972 Reunion Programs


3:00 p.m. - A Life in the Arts
Tim Fort, head of drama at Queen's University and producing director, Weston Playhouse; Peter Trencher, actor; Tom Brady, painter; and Jay De Martine, painter, all from the Class of 1972, will reflect on their careers and life journeys as artists, actors, directors, writers and filmmakers. Presented by the Class of 1972.
Stirn Auditorium

4:00 p.m. - The (Very) Big Business of Professional Sports
Sports is the universal language that excites our passions and connects us all. Hear about the topics of the day (including work stoppages, the price of winning, concussions and player safety, enhanced fan interaction through social media and historic broadcast contracts) in baseball, basketball, football and soccer from the perspectives of the following alumni: Ken Catanella '97, director of basketball operations for the Detroit Pistons; David Downs '77, commissioner of the North American Soccer League; Jean Fugett '72, former Pro Bowl tight end for the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins; and David Wolff '62, partner, the San Francisco Giants and AT&T Park. Presented by the Classes of 1962, 1972, 1977 and 1997.
Stirn Auditorium


7:15 a.m. - Yoga with Doug Johnson '72
Lobby, Headquarters (Chi Phi)

10 a.m. - Medical Careers: Some Different Choices
Happy Manstein '72 has been a plastic surgeon for the past 27 years in Philadelphia. Although a large part of his private practice has focused on area of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery, he has served as a medical missionary in underserved countries such as Vietnam and Eritrea and has recently completed two tours in earthquake ravaged Haiti. Dick Aronson '69, now the health professions advisor and assistant dean of students at Amherst, is a pediatrician whose career in public health has involved a series of collaborative and community-based efforts to address the social and economic injustice that is at the root of health inequality in the U.S. and the world.  Together they will discuss what led them to use their medical training in nontraditional ways. Presented by the Class of 1972.
Lecture Hall 2, Merrill Science Center

1:30 p.m. - Sawdust Jam
Dave Ray '72, Steve Stanne '72 and Dave Gordon '73 were all part of the band Sawdust while at Amherst, playing faintly political acoustic folk-rock. All three have continued to be musically active, and in fact Steve's current musical group, Betty and the Baby Boomers, has released several CDs and Dave Ray played back-up on the first one. They have had periodic reunions and concerts over the past 40 years, the most recent being last year at a restaurant in Lee, Mass.  Any and all acoustic musicians and singers are invited to join in a jam session of eclectic music, from jazz to string band to classic folk-rock. Presented by the Class of 1972.
Main Quad

2:30 p.m. - From Malcolm to Barack
We learned of our acceptance to the college the month that Dr. King was shot. We were assigned the autobiographies of Ben Franklin and Malcolm X for orientation--our initial exposure to the liberal arts. The sit-in at Westover all but overshadowed our Commencement. What impact has our student activism had on our public careers since? Nick Bromell '72, professor of American Studies at the University of Massachusetts; Rick Swartz '72, president of Strategic Solutions Washington, a public interest consultancy; Andrea Wise '11; and Wayne Wormley '72, dean of the Division of Business and Industry at Community College of Philadelphia, will join in a discussion moderated by Sandy Rosenberg '72, a member of the Maryland House of Delegates. Presented by the Class of 1972.
Lecture Hall 2, Merrill Science Center

3:30 p.m. - Who's Policing Wall Street? Or Not?
Main Street has been hollering for well-paid Wall Street heads to roll as retribution for our recent economic collapse. Who's listening? What have they done? What else can or should be done? A panel moderated by Assistant U.S. Attorney Joe Hartzler '72 (Central District of Illinois) and consisting of Thomas Dumm, the William H. Hastie '25 Professor of Political Ethics at Amherst; U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald '82 (Northern District of Illinois); Oregon Circuit Court Judge and former U.S. Attorney Karin Immergut '82; New York State's First Deputy Attorney General Harlan Levy '77; and Lee Richards '72, private attorney in a Wall Street law firm, will explore the adequacy of the American justice system to investigate, prosecute and deter complex financial misconduct. Presented by the Classes of 1972, 1977 and 1982.
Lecture Hall 1, Merrill Science Center

4:30 p.m. - From Tony Shirts to Knee Replacements
Athletes from the Class of 1972, including Jean Fugett, attorney and former NFL player; Tom Ryan, attorney and former tennis team captain and squash player; Jay Ward, teacher and coach and former wrestling co-captain and soccer player; and Rob Quaintance, attorney and former soccer co-captain, along with Dave Hixon '75, senior associate athletic director and head basketball coach, will discuss the impact of competitive sports on their personal and professional lives.  Paul Koulouris '72, an educational consultant and former hockey team captain, will moderate. Presented by the Class of 1972.
Lecture Hall 2, Merrill Science Center