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Class of 1974 40th Reunion

May 28 - June 1

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Who's Coming to Reunion

Damn that's a long time.

Your officers are working on reunion next year and will post information here as it becomes available. Comments are always welcome.





Class sponsored events at reunion

This is the final list of '74 sponsored events at reunion:

  • The economy--Joe Stiglitz '64 and Mitch Berns '74
  • Campus architecture and future plans--Me, Blair Kamin
    (Pulitzer-winning critic, '79), and Tony Chen (architect '79)
  • Orthopedic surgery--the great Bill Healy, with visuals
  • Conservative politics--our own Dick Lipton, and two people from '79
    (after the golf outing)
  • Photos from the ends of the earth--Nat Geo's (and '74's) Gordon Wiltsie


For those of you not sufficiently awed by the modern world, I am making the update to this Attendee list from a hotel in
Odessa, Ukraine. No difference from doing it from home. The world is so small now.

Our freshman Facebook

The college has been kind, I suppose, in scanning our Freshman facebook and posting it here. Enjoy looking at fleeting youth.

Class of 1974 on Facebook

Jonathan Landman has be kind enough to create a facebook group for the reunion:

General Info About Reunion

Reunion is coming. The college has posted general information on it at

Our headquarters will be at Mayo Smith, what used to be Chi Psi. If you show up last minute, join us for dinner there Friday and Saturday night.

Look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks!