Reunion Plans In Motion

As spring's warm breezes have wafted around you, have you absentmindedly found yourself standing on Memorial Hill overlooking the Holyoke Range?

When you recently caught the sounds of a rock and roll classic coming from the ear buds of someone you passed on the street, did your thoughts return to spring lawns at Amherst as speakers were blasted from dorm windows.

By any chance, did you find yourself humming a Zumbye tune as you walked to your next meeting?

These are only some of the signs that you should be making plans to attend our 35th reunion  May 27th – 30th.  Some of your classmates have worked to bring together an impressive array of social, thought provoking, and entertaining events for that weekend.  Take a look at the schedule of programs and a list of classmates who have already registered (on the right) then get out your iPhone, Blackberry, or Filofax, and schedule that weekend now. To register, visit the college’s reunion website.


The Members of the Planning Committee.