It's time.
Time to bring the band back together.
Just like the Rolling Stones.
Think about it: In 1978, the year of our graduation, the Rolling Stones were 16 years old as a band and Mick and Keef were around mid-30s in age.  Their current album at the time was "Some Girls," released just a few days after we graduated.  It featured "Miss You," "Beast of Burden" and "Shattered."  
Guess what: Now it's 2013 and in their 50th anniversary year as a band and as geezers in their 70s the Rolling Stones have re-united.
If they can do it, don't you think we can too?!  We're younger and we've generally taken better care of ourselves than at least certain Stones.
In 2013, let's bring back more Class of '78 band members than we ever have before.   We can all come up with excuses as to why we can't re-unite, but the Stones could've come up with lots of excuses, too.  Not enough time.  Not enough red M&Ms and too many yellow M&Ms in the dressing room.  Impending deafness. Broke a guitar string and can't find a new one.  Still somewhat peeved at Band Member X for breaking in too early at the end of our solo.  
Let's put all the excuses aside and let's all get to Amherst for Reunion Weekend 2013:  May 30th - June 2nd.  
In the weeks to come you will receive fuller and more formal information on Reunion 2013.  For the time being, save the dates, register for reunion and get in touch with your favorite fellow band members.  Tell them it's time to get back together.
Because time, time, time is on our side.  Yes, it is. For now.