35th Reunion Survey

Dear Class of 78,

Every five years – timed with our Reunions – we try to get an idea of WHO WE ARE via a few unscientific and hopefully amusing questions. 

In 1998, we had a collective worth of $.... (I don’t have a clue. But, it might be interesting to compare this stuff.) In 2013, our favorite vegetable was aubergine! Wrong. 48% of us drive a hybrid car.* 69% of us voted Democratic in the last elections. How many extra pounds have we collectively put on in 35 years? Now that would be fun to know!

The Amherst College Class of '78 is debatably filled with diversity, talent, achievement, élan, elegance, bravery, and subjective coolness. Now, we need some empirical evidence and a few stats to back up the truths that we suspect. 

In the spirit of understanding us a bit better, you’ll find below the questions. The results of the Survey will be published on our class website, sent to you by email, and announced live under the tent on Saturday night June 1st at our 35th Reunion dinner. Thank you for donating ten minutes of your time to these questions. (No data will be shared with either the IRS nor with Facebook algorithms.)

The point of the Questionnaire is to have some good clean fun while contributing to a snapshot of the group. Whether we have any meaning collectively, well, is a matter for Joe Epstein’s Philosophy 11. 

The questions are divided into Five Sections corresponding to life’s main areas of concern: Money, Sex, Work, Sex*, and Family. (Yeah, I know, but if you had to repeat one of these, which would YOU pick?)

Here at the '78@35 Questions

* Obscure satirical reference to tasteless scene in 1974 western spoof film Blazing Saddles.

Warming Up
How did you get to Amherst for the first time?
Have you spoken to at least one of your roommates or hall mates in the last three months?
Are you a vegetarian?
Economics (Yours)
Are you better off today than in 1998?
Are you better off today than in 2003?
Do you drive?
Do you own a house?
If yes, how far are you from paying off the mortgage?
Politics (Yours)
Preferred party?
Would you consider yourself:
Family (Yours)
Marital Status:
Do you have grandchildren?
Interests (Yours)
Have you traveled out of the country in the last three years?
Work (Yours)
Employment status:
Have you changed jobs since the last reunion, 2008?
Love your job?
Hate your job?
Work too much?
Don’t work enough?
Wisdom (Yours)
Got any you can share?
Achievements (Yours)
Physical looks (Yours)
Hair color:
Health (Yours)
Do you exercise regularly?
Any major health issues in the last five years?
Bonus question:

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