Class of 1979 - 40 Year Reunion

May 29th - June 2nd


Reunion starts in less than a week!

Here's our schedule:

You can register online or by mail - just browse on over to:

The Reunion Committee, led by our fearless Reunion Chairs, Mindy Pickard and Jeff Birnbaum, is a well-experienced team working to create a Brigadoon in the Berkshires. Warm days and cool nights, it’s the best time of year to come back. Great food, music, workshops and lectures to inspire new thinking. Oh - and drinks will be on hand too.

It is the perfect time to reflect on how far you’ve traveled over the last 40 years with people you may or may not recognize. We promise, it will be like reading an old book with more mature eyes.

Any questions? Anything you’d like to add? Let us know!

Please reach out to us - and visit our Class '79 page on Facebook for some hilarious posts and awkward photos:

Remember how you felt when you got your Amherst acceptance letter, your first day on campus, our graduation? Reunion will help to complete the process.

More information is coming - watch your mailboxes, both real and virtual!