Announcing the Class Book - and how to contribute

Submitted by Gordon E. Sands on Saturday, 1/26/2019, at 4:53 PM
Remember the book from our 25th Reunion in 2004? Many of us sent in writing — essays, reminiscences, journal entries, email threads — along with some photographs; but the writing predominated, so it was called In Our Own Words.
Let's do it differently for the 40th: a book mostly of pictures, with writing to accompany them. I hope this will be easy for you (guessing most of you have smartphones), and an enjoyable challenge in a way that a writing assignment might not be. I also hope that the resulting book will be, for the Reunion and beyond, an inviting way for us to start or re-start conversations with each other.
The kind of pictures that will help us reconnect are pictures that tell a story. Well — how does one do that exactly? My suggestion is that you send a picture of yourself with something that's important to you, or with someone important. A picture like this writes its own caption: "This is a picture of me and my ..." – and that's how a story, or a conversation, can begin. See the examples at the end of the message, where I've included six photos of "me and my [something/someone]". They're not perfect photographs and yours don't have to be either, but they really do show things or people that are important to me. Whether or not you remember me from Amherst, these photos show what I'd want you to know about me now.
Please send me something by February 2nd, so I can get to work and have the book ready for spring! How-to-submit guidelines are below. If you have questions, email me any time, and if you can't send anything right now, it's helpful if you can tell me that you're planning to.
Example of photos and copature are below - but don't forget to send a paragraph or two about yourself and or life today.
Thanks and I hope you have fun with it –
Randy Meiklejohn '79
  • digital image files, .jpg or similar format, in color (we plan b/w print edition; digital edition in color)
  • image resolution 300 dpi minimum. Any smartphone image is OK; images posted to and then downloaded from social media are typically low-res and not OK. Non-photographic artwork is welcome too
  • portrait or landscape format is OK (despite all my examples being 'portrait')
  • no sunglasses please
  • how many pictures? At least one, up to four if you want, I promise to use at least two
  • in the body of an email, or in an attached file. Write about your photo(s), or write what you choose; as much or as little as you want. As in 2004, my goal is to make minimal edits to what you send. 

Randy 1.jpg

Randy and the Building where he works

Randy 2.jpg

Randy with his wife and kids

Randy 3.jpg

Randy and his violin and melodeon

Randy 4.jpg

Randy with his brothers

Randy 5.jpg

Randy with his compost bin

Randy 6.jpg

Randy with his roomie