Submitted by Lynn O. Wilkinson on Wednesday, 3/7/2018, at 11:12 AM

A quick orientation to the website is below.  Note that some of these pages are password protected to preserve privacy.

  • Our Landing Page is the hub for our 35th Reunion news. As the planning shapes up, you can see progress here.  One of the helpful tidbits there is the link to see who has registered for reunion.
  • Reunion Archives  These pages (one section for every reunion) are a hub for reunion information.  You can peruse information from the 25th and 30th reunions if you want to remind yourselves of the good times.  One of my favorite parts is the big book from our 25th reunion.
  • Goooooogle me!  A collection of semi-randomly "goooogled" classmates, along with their webpages.  Lots of people up to lots of amazing stuff.  Have you been gooogled yet?
  • Classmates - and your own homepages! This is a searchable index with classmate e-mail addresses & biographical information.  Also - as of February 4th, 2013, there are... drum roll... four homepages available for you! I got the job as webmaster as a result of my decision to start a homepage - who knows what opportunities will come your way? 
  • Class Notes and News - yes, the internet is faster than print publication! Read it here first, and we've got the start of an archive, just in case you need to refer back to lost issues.  
  • And finally, we have a listing of class officers, and contact information for you.

The website is always a work in progress. Suggestions are welcome, please send thoughts and comments to Lynn Wilkinson.