Hello there classmates!

A quick orientation to the website is below, and best wishes for a happy healthy spring!  Note that some of these pages are password protected to preserve privacy.

  • Instructions on how to use the Listserv
  • The Bulletin Board - a "free for all" space for any thoughts/pictures you would like to share with everyone. Joe Struckus was the first one to make the bold move of posting something here - you can see the doorway to the Curtiss House which is getting a loving restoration!
  • Campus Links takes you to useful spots on the college webpage - e.g. find the e-mail address of your freshman room-mate or find fellow alum in your industry.   
  • Class Notes and News - yes, the internet is faster than print publication! Read it here first, and we've got the start of an archive, just in case you need to refer back to lost issues.  
  • Classmates - your own homepages! As of February 4th, 2013, there are... drum roll... four homepages available for you! I'd like to encourage everyone to think about posting a photo or just saying hello to folks. I got the job as webmaster as a result of my decision to start a homepage - who knows what opportunities will come your way? Contact information for long-lost classmates is also available for those who hunt the drill-downs here (and if you are one of those classmates want to stay long-lost, you can set permissions here as well..)
  • Goooooogle me! Next to the big book, this is my favorite part of the site - a collection of semi-randomly "goooogled" classmates, along with their webpages.  Lots of people up to lots of amazing stuff.  Have you been gooogled yet?
  • And finally, we have a listing of class officers, and contact information for you.

The website is always a work in progress. Suggestions are welcome, please send thoughts and comments to Lynn Wilkinson, it was great seeing you at reunion, and I look forward to seeing you next time around!