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Welcome, Class of 1984!

Can you believe it's been 30 years since we graduated?  We have a lot of celebrating to do -- and you can join the fun by signing up for Reunion here.  Click on "30th Reunion" on the left to find out all the details.

In preparation for this event, we've put together a quick online survey to assess how our class is doing, and how we have changed since graduation.  Whether you plan to attend the reunion or not, please take about 15 minutes to fill it out.

We also have a Facebook group to help you keep up with the planning ... stay tuned!

And if you have a favorite photo or memory you'd like to share, just email it to and we'll post it right here!  Or post them yourself on "Throwback Thursdays" on our Facebook page -- here's a recent winner:

 Top Ten circa 1984; Photographer @[600652536:2048:Susannah Grant]

Here's who has officially registered so far:

Michele Abeles (plus 2)
Doug Abernathy (plus 1)
Indu Ahluwalia (plus 2)
Rachel Cohan Albert (plus 1)
Pam Allyn
Jim Allyn
Bill Amend (plus 3)
John Auty (plus 1)
Doug Barlow (plus 1)
Ezra Barnes
Adam Belsky
Gibb Biddle
Martin Brayboy (plus 1)
Fred Brooke
David Buckman (plus 1)
Ann Chaitovitz
Jim Chester (plus 1)
Harlan Coben (plus 5)
Mike Craft
Ben Curran
Sally DeGozzaldi (plus 3)
Raj Desai (plus 1)
Ann Diver (plus 3)
Greg Donat
Tom Dubin (plus 3)
Jeff Edelstein (plus 1)
Therese Fafard
Andy Fleischmann (plus 1)
Amy Killpatrick Fox (plus 1)
Margaret Funnell
Heidi Gilpin
Eve Berenblum Goldberg (plus 1)
Tony Gordon (plus 1)
Jimmy Greenberg
Nancy Hallam-Smith
Jesse Hermann
David Hollister (plus 1)
Chris Knowlton
Robin Lansinger
Peter Leff
Mark Lehrman
Kathleen LeMaitre
Lisa Ransom Lubarr
David Martin
Kathy Mathias
Sally Laux Murphy (plus 1)
Rick Nixon
Eryn Oberlander
Steve Peck (plus 1)
Rob Peterson (plus 4)
Christine Petrecca Weintraub (plus 3)
Susan Prosnitz
Mike Radin
Rick Raiford
Brooke Kamin Rapaport (plus 3)
Chris Reed (plus 1)
Gary Rhule
Marc Schultz (plus 3)
Jill Schwartz
Fritz Schwentker (plus 2)
Lee Seham (plus 2)
Kathy Sarris Shaw (plus 1)
Joe Shrager (plus 2)
Michael Siegel (plus 3)
Sandy Silverman
Tammy Steere Sload (plus 1)
Mike Smith (plus 3)
Robin Gottdenker Smith
Jack Somers (plus 3)
Joel Stahl (plus 1)
Beth Strauss (plus 3)
Amy Sargent Swank
Marie Tatro (plus 3)
Tony Ting (plus 2)
Sam Tingley
Geoff Underwood
Tsunehiko Yangagihara (plus 2)
Eliot Young