Amherst Class of '85 Survey Highlights

We will soon have a link to the complete results to the questionnaire, but for now please enjoy the following:

Most Average Classmate
(based on highest responses)

Jeff Amherst '85 is a straight white male who was 41 during our 20th reunion. He has two personal computers at home, a mobile phone, and an e-mail address. While he has bought something online, he has not sold anything over the Internet, nor does he maintain a blog.

He came to Amherst from a public school in New York. Majored in Economics. Continued to graduate school afterwards, attaining a Masters degree.

Is now working full time in education/academia in Massachusetts with a household income in excess of $200,000. He mostly enjoys his career.

Jeff came to Amherst with a liberal leaning and maintained that throughout his four years and to the present, being a registered Democrat. He voted for Kerry and doesn't like what the current Bush administration is doing. Jeff also considers himself religious and has maintained the same practice since graduating.

He was in a fraternity (Chi Psi) and did not approve of them being abolished while at Amherst, but now feels that it was probably a good thing.

Jeff took advantage of the Five College system and attended a class at Smith. He also participated in a class or activity during the January Interterm. However, he did not organize an Interterm class, nor choose to study abroad. His favorite class at Amherst (by a nose) was English 11. His favorite teacher (also by a nose) was Gordon Levin.

Jeff relaxed outside of classes by engaging in a number of activities, mostly athletic (rugby), and to this day mostly relaxes through athletics.

Looking back, he wishes that he had studied abroad, but is proud of having done a thesis and made good friends -- of which he keeps in touch with three to six.

Jeff has managed to visit the campus in the last five years, but has not participated in a local alumni event nor mentored a recent graduate.

Jeff is married with children. Benjamin, Emma, William and Hannah are currently attending public schools and Jeff would like to see them attend our Fairest College.

At this point in his life, Jeff is most proud of being a parent to his wondrous kids.

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