Thanks for a great 25th Reunion!

Submitted on Monday, 6/11/2012, at 3:23 PM

What a great time we had!

Lest you forget all the incredible activities we had to choose from, you can still view the Class of 1987 Schedule of Events for our 25th Reunion.
Here is the classmates who attended Reunion!

Annah Abrams
Eva Alligood (Neubauer)
Jorge Arroyo
Ken Boley
Rafael Campo
W. Berit Ashla
Rebecca Bainum (Saybolt)
Charles Bartlett
Dahna Batts
Katherine Oram Bini
Sarah Bird
Betsy Block (Hastings)
Teresa Bonder (Thebaut)
Richard Borden
Carolyn Boyle (Furbish)
Elizabeth Bradburn
Ross Buchanan
Robert Bush
David Canmann
Sandra Deacon Carr
Erica Cicero
Tabitha Claydon (Estabrook)
Kirsten Comai (Lewis)
Jonathan Damon
Jennifer Diefenbacher (Snow)
Elizabeth Dinces
Kerry Dolan
Mary Dunne (Higgins)
Thomas Dunne
Charles Edelman
Mitchell Edelson
Katie Edwards (O'Hara)
A. Patrick Egan
Laura Epstein
David Eresian
Susan Esty (Tsao)
Heather Templeton Ewing
James Fahn
Sarah Falber (Weinstein)
Joseph Ferriter
Audrey Fisch
Virginia Fischetti (Solomita)
John Foley
Edward Fratto
Alice Fuisz (Lawrenz)
Robert Gilchick
Jo Ann Gleason (Jorge)
Matt Glickman
Jonathan Gluck
Brian Goetz
Bruce Goldner
Eric Goulder
Launce Gouw
Camilla Graham
Paul Grant
Carol Gray
Rick Gregory
Jane Guttenberg
Keith Harmon
Eric Hattler
Christopher Hawke
John Hereford
Christine Hoar
Freddie Bryant Hollister
John Horky
Nathaniel Huber
Gareth Hudson
John Hunt
Polly Ikonen (Winograd)
Lynn Iler
Peter Irvine
Linda Jackson
Darcy Jacobs
Christopher Jochnick
Arthur Johnson
Samuel Jones
Robert Kennedy
Katherine Kim (Schupf)
Mark Krasnoff
Lawrence La Sala
Keith Laezza
Lucy Langa (Nelson)
Robert Leininger
F. Rivers Lelong
John Linehan
Paul Linn

David Macoy
Allison Marsland
Christopher Martin
Dickens Mathieu
Kavitha Mediratta
Sharon Meron (Burstin)
Jennifer Merrell (Epp)
Katherine Merrill
Wanda Mial
Lisa Miller
Thomas Mitchell
Louise Mizgerd (Moses)
Carmen Monks
Donn Monroe
Karen Moore (Gardner)
Thomas Myers
Russell Neale
M. Katherine Ong-Landini
Evan Pagano (Wells)
Nancy Saltzman
Randolph Parker
Stephanie Pasternak
Elizabeth Peck
Denise Pellegrini
Nicholas Pfund
Andrew Phillips
Stephen Phillips
Dwight Poler
Francesca Pomerantz
Nicole Power (Donnelley)
Stephen Pruyne
Theodore Putala
Stuart Ratzan
Mark Rennella
Brad Richter
Catharine Riggs
Alex Rogers
Beatrix Sanders (Trowbridge)
Dylan Sanders
Lisa Sands (Calgaard)
Judy Santamaria (Angelicola)
Marco Santamaria
John Paolo Sapienza
Rachel Saunders-Pullman
Mathew Schmalz
Robert Schwartz
Julia Segre
Jennifer Sexton (Spinale)
Michael Sexton
Ann Sexton Foye
Paul Foye
Elizabeth Shoemaker
John Shope
Clayton Smith
Lisa Smith (Williams)
Ralston Smith
Scott Srebnick
Paula Stannard
Nancy Straus (Kliot)
Kathryn Sullivan Hanley
Camilla Sutter (Antoncich)
Elizabeth Talerman (Murphy)
Paul Tarr
Frank Thompson
Brian Thyr
Eric Treene
Dale Tritschler (Olsen)
John Vander Vort
Ann Webster
Sheree White
Mark Wick
Harriet Wingard
Derek Wittenberg
William Wolf
Nathanael Worley
Jeffrey Wright
Kimberlee Wyche-Etheridge
Steven Yashon
Joshua Zinner

February 2012 Reunion Letter

Submitted on Wednesday, 2/1/2012, at 10:12 AM

Dear Classmates,

Forget about the snow and the cold.  Instead, think about 70 degrees and sunshine; shorts and tee shirts; refreshing drink and food; and a bunch of familiar (and just somewhat older!) faces of friends gathered at the College, looking out over the views of Memorial Hill.  Ready or not, our 25th Reunion is just around the corner.  Many of us on the Reunion Committee have been busy planning the food, entertainment, activities and programs that will make our weekend memorable.  Only one question remains:  Will you be there to enjoy the celebration?  We certainly hope so! 

It's easy!  Just CLICK HERE to register.  DO it now!  If you know you'll be coming, it will take just 2 seconds to sign up right now, and will help our planning—don't wait until the very end and have to scramble. :-)  A good number of us already have signed up (see the list above);  we are already ahead of other classes at this point.  Our goal:  at least 50% of our class back to Amherst —and we are well on our way to hitting that mark.

 When we asked you to make submissions for our Class Reunion Book, boy did you respond (many of you at the last minute, but why should that change since the days of college papers?).  The final tally was more than 200 submissions representing over 53% of our class!  THANK YOU!  Keith Laezza did a yeoman's job with the solicitation and is now busy putting all of the essays and pictures into a book that will be sure to spark lots of great memories and great conversation when we gather in May.  Look to receive the Reunion Book sometime in early April. 

Stephanie Pasternak has been heading up a team of classmates who have been busy finalizing our class programs.  You'll have the opportunity to see and hear from a number of our classmates, including Freddie Bryant, Rafael CampoJim FahnEric Goulder, Gary HudsonDarcy JacobsChris JochnickWanda MialEva NeubauerNiko PfundJeffrey WrightJosh Zinner and others.  We will be announcing the formal lineup in a few weeks.  In addition to the programs, we will have lots of recreational opportunities (including yoga with Christine Hoar) and other activities for the whole family.  The food and beverages are arranged and the entertainment has been booked.  The only thing we can think of that might be missing is YOU!

Life keeps all of us busy and oversaturated with obligations for sure, but we'll only have ONE 25th Reunion, and very few chances again to gather with as many of us in one place at the same time, as we did so easily in our college years.  This is only one weekend—and a singular one—so we want you there!

There's little left to say except "please come!"  Amherst holds unique memories for all of us.  At its simplest, reunion will be a great time to hang out with people who share your history and connection to that very special place and time.  Following are some resources to help get you to "yes!"

Important Sources of Reunion Information:

Register for Reunion

Learn about Children's Reunion
Visit our class website
Join the ’87 Facebook page
Post a message on our class listserv

And for a reunion "pre-game" warm-up, consider attending a regional gathering near you (Boston 2/9; NYC 2/10; Chicago 2/12; Los Angeles 3/4)  S.F. and D.C. were big hits! CLICK HERE for more info on gatherings.

It's time for action.  We are counting on you.  Commit yourself!  Register now!  Make your travel plans!  Be there!

We look forward to seeing you at Amherst May 23 - 27!


Jon Damon and Brad Richter

January 2012 Letter from Jon and Brad

Dear Classmates,

Happy 2012! Let's hope that this is a year of good luck, good health, good fortune and good fun for us all.

It is also officially the year of our 25th Reunion so if you haven't already done so, mark the weekend on your calendar and start calling your room group, your teammates, your Valentine dining crew or just any random member of the Class of '87 and make plans to be under the tent with your 398 classmates come May 26th.

Registration is now officially open. We encourage you to jump online and get registered. It doesn't matter if you've said you're coming, we need your official registration to count you in. As noted in the November letter, our Reunion fees (which we kept the same as the two prior classes' 25th Reunions) are:

$200 / Classmate
$100 / Guest over 16
$25 / Kids 4-15
No charge / Kids 3 and under

What do the fees cover? Food, drink, entertainment and souvenirs (note that the fees do not include on-campus housing or the optional children's program, although you can sign up for either or both of those choices when you register online). The reunion committee has been hard at work securing a band--(the Floyd Patterson band for Saturday night), a tent, a dance floor, bartenders and great food; we've also been lining up great programs and recreation to enhance the time back on campus.  When you follow the link for registration, you will see significant information posted about the weekend (some of the main events sponsored by the college are already outlined there).  Suffice it to say there will be MORE than enough to keep you and any guests you bring well occupied, well fed and - of course - well hydrated!

Class Book: SUBMISSIONS THIS WEEK PLEASE!!! Thanks to everyone who has already submitted to the Class Book (gold stars for each of you), but we need many more of you to participate in order to ensure we will have a book. Please, please, please get your submissions into Keith Laezza at  Many of you will be shocked to know that we didn't expect everyone to meet the January 1 deadline, so we kept a buffer in our planning.  But now we have to use that buffer - we need at least 80 more submissions by ABSOLUTELY NO LATER THAN JANUARY 13.   If you are looking for inspiration (or "precedent" as we lawyers like to say when we are trying to save time), check out the books from the last two years (1986 and 1985).  Please keep in mind that we really would like to hear from you for the Class Book whether you are coming to the Reunion or not (actually, especially if you are not coming, so that the rest of the Class can learn about what you have been doing since Amherst).

We are hoping for a large turnout and so we have a number of teams in place.  Judy Santamaria is heading up the attendance committee.  We've also asked for help from Larry LaSala, Ann Webster and the associate class agents to drum up support.  If you are on Facebook (a shocking number of the Class have not joined or are lurking under aliases that we haven't cracked), you can follow the efforts on "Amherst College Class of 1987." For those of you in the New York, D.C., Boston, Chicago and San Francisco areas, keep your eyes peeled for information about regional gatherings to try to get classmates together in advance of Reunion (we are also looking for volunteers willing to host or organize a get-together in Los Angeles as well).  

So whether you ran the dishwasher at Valentine, your (underground) frat's social committee, or to the river for crew practice - listened to the Boss, your roommate's typewriter, or Gordie Levin - survived Race and Sex ILS, orgo, or stage fright - sat on Memorial Hill, B level of Frost, a table at Plumbley's or a stool at Barcelotti's - if you rallied for every cause or only to "Save the Drake" - our reunion will be better with you there.  Please mark your calendar and register now.

We look forward to seeing you.

Brad Richter and Jon Damon