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Class of 1988 - 25th Reunion Book

Many thanks to our class 25th Reunion Book Editor, Julie Wood DeVouno, who gave this project everything she had and led us to record-breaking participation, creating an invaluable keepsake and a tribute to our class, who we were and who we have become.  

Julie's Editor's Note:

Even after 25 years, we are still the Great Class of ’88!  You responded to my seemingly endless myriad of emails with flying colors!  We actually broke Amherst’s record for class participation in the 25th Reunion Book with a resounding 60% of our class submitting pages.  Thank you all for putting up with my nagging, responding, reaching out to others and helping to make this book all that it is: a fun memorial, reunion souvenir, networking resource, ... even, as discovered by George Crocker, a valuable archive for future generations.

 Reading through all your pages, learning about the challenges you have faced and the creative endeavors you have attempted, I am so inspired. I encourage you to read through all the pages as well, catch up with old friends, reconnect with others and meet some new ones.

Working on this book I emailed and texted with classmates in Australia, South Africa, Cyprus, South Sudan, Rome … and all over the U.S. (thank goodness for the internet).  Cumulatively, we have conquered, nurtured, cured and taught the world!  What an amazing conglomeration of knowledge and experiences we have as a class.  There are many wise lessons to be learned from each other.  Some eloquently written, others more subtly noted between the lines, but all worth sharing.  And, throughout it all, is the overriding common bond of our time at Amherst – together.  We all seem to truly appreciate the time we spent at the Fairest College and the friends we made there.  It was a formative time, in so many different ways for each of us, but a critical, pivotal part of all of our lives.

Thanks to all of you, I have several new items on my Bucket List!  As I write this first draft, my husband is taking notes from Jeff Hick’s family travel blog, while I am ready to follow in Adrie Kusserow’s footsteps.  As we are entering the stage of family world travel, I am taking notes on whom to call on where.  Watch out; the DeVuono family might just show up on your doorstep!

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