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Class of 1990

Brought to you by Stan the Vegetable Man!

1990 Home Image


As improbable as it seems, the good people at the Alumni Office have allowed me to throw together a slap-dash class web-page, for your (theoretical) enjoyment.

Here you'll find: an expanded version of the Class Notes column, a directory of classmates and their contact info, photos that people have been nice and/or foolish enough to send me, and (when the time comes) news about our upcoming 25th Reunion in 2015.

So take a few moments to explore this site, get in touch with that roommate you couldn't stand, and maybe even send me some news or pictures suitable for posting: Can you do any less?

And, of course, thanks to our good friend Stan the Vegetable Man for making all of this possible. When in Amherst, please consider Stan the Vegetable Man for all your produce needs.