Welcome to the Class of 1991 Website

Dear Class of 1991,

Welcome to our Class Website. Karen Fox, our webmaster has set up a couple of pages for your perusal. Enjoy!

Here’s what we’ve got on this here website:

Class Notes: Just in case you missed the magazine, you can catch recent 1991 news right here. And, if you want your Notes early, look for the next issue’s write-up before the magazine arrives in the mail.

Class Statistics: Compiled in a completely ad hoc and unscientific fashion by our former class secretary and current class president Susan Banki, check here for stats on where our Class lives, what they do, and who they are.

Current Photos: Here’s your chance to post and view class of 1991 photos pertaining to your current life. Now including Halloween 2011 photos.

Old Photos: Here’s where you get to post/view photos to see what we used to look like. In order to ensure that this page doesn’t only embarrass my room group, please send me compromising photos of all of your old roommates too.

Quiz Page: How well do you know your classmates? Can you match 1991 parents with their children? Can you guess which of your classmates was almost on “American Idol?”

Suggestions:People, this website is of the Class of 1991, by the Class of 1991, and for the Class of 1991. Click here to post comments, suggestions, and constructive feedback. We’d love to hear from you.