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REGISTRATION is now OPEN! amherst.edu/go/reunion

For the most frequent updates, please visit our class Facebook page: facebook.com/groups/62639703244

Reunion headquarters: Morris Pratt Dormitory/Pratt Circle.

Fees: $175 for alumni; $96 for guests ages 16 and over; $10 for children ages 4 through 15. There is no charge for children under 4. (If these fees are a financial hardship for you, please contact us.)

If you're interested in on-campus housing, we suggest making your reservations as soon as possible, as there is major construction on campus and not as many rooms as usual are available for alumni housing. If you prefer to stay off campus, local lodging options are listed here.

For those with children, there is a school-wide children's reunion evening program available on Friday and Saturday nights (for ages 4 and up; 5-10pm at the Keefe Campus Center).

Register for all of the above at amherst.edu/go/reunion.

Everyone is welcome to join in the reunion-planning fun! Let Bethany (Chadwick) Foullois <Bethany@LNKpartners.com> or Kwame Brathwaite <kwamesb@gmail.com> know if you'd like to be involved or have any questions.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Best, Kwame and Bethany

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