Class of 1997 Officer Nominations

Nominations are now open for class officers to serve for the next 5 years. Please offer nominations for the positions below. 

Nominations will close May 1, 2012. 

  • President: This person organizes Homecoming events and Class dinner; serves as a liaison between the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Class; and serves as the Class of 1994 representative to the Alumni Council.
  • Vice President: This person undertakes responsibilities that are determined by the Class or by the needs of other Class Officers.
  • Treasurer: This person keeps track of available class funds and pays bills that the class owes to vendors and to the College.
  • Secretary: This person communicates with the Class; collects address and job updates and submits them to the College; and regularly writes Class Notes for the Amherst magazine by soliciting information from classmates.
  • Reunion Chair: This person coordinates Reunion events at the next Reunion and recruits Reunion Committee members.
  • Web Editor: This person is responsible for managing the Class Webpage.  A technical background is not required for this position since our online services are designed to be easy to use.  A Web Editor should be skilled in editing and organizing information, but does not need to know any programming or code, such as html. Some experience with digital photo preparation might be desirable if the class wishes to post custom photos.  Above all, The Class Web Editor needs to be a good communicator, a proficient editor and able to make frequent updates to online information.
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