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Open Class Officer Positions (for 2005 – 2010)

President: Assumes active leadership of all non-fundraising class affairs such as Homecoming and class dinners. Acts as a consultant to the Office of Alumni and Parent Programs on all matters pertaining to the class.

Vice President: Extremely helpful in many classes, supporting the class President as needed and executing specific projects determined by the class leadership.

Treasurer: Keeps track of the funds available for class use, overseeing class finances and bill paying.

Secretary: Responsible for keeping classmates informed and in touch with one another. An aggressive news gatherer charged with writing a quarterly Class Notes column for the Amherst magazine. This person is also responsible for ensuring “In Memory” pieces are written when a classmate dies.

Web Editor: Manages the class’s online services, including designing and updating the class Website and overseeing the class listserv/bulletin board. A technical background is not required for this position since our online services are designed to be easy to use. Above all, the Class Web Editor needs to be a good communicator and a proficient editor who is able to make frequent updates to online information.

10th Reunion Chair: Responsible for coordinating your next Reunion.