"Excuses, Excuses!" Reunion Video Contest

Submitted by Arthur F. Moffa on Tuesday, 5/25/2010, at 10:20 AM

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Over 180 classmates, spouses, and guests have signed up for our ten-year reunion. We certainly hope you'll join us at Amherst. Some of you won't be able to make it in person, though, and for you, we proudly offer:

The Class of 2000 "Excuses, Excuses" Reunion Video Contest!

Got a computer? Got a video camera? Got three minutes? Say hello to your classmates and tell us what you've been up to! We'd really like to see you, but, failing that, we'd still like to see you, you know?

The classmate with the best video wins a copy of Scott Turrow's new novel! Other prizes include Artie Moffa's poetry book and Atkins cider doughnuts! There's even a prize for lamest excuse! Fire up that Webcam!

The rules:

  1. Make a video, three minutes or less, telling us why you won't be joining us for our ten-year reunion at Amherst College. Be funny or sad, sincere or sarcastic. Use special effects or just wave hello at the camera. Upload the video to YouTube and/or Facebook, and send an E-mail to amherst00@gmail.com letting us know the link(s) to your video. Please be sure the E-mail includes your name and your mailing address.
  2. The "star" of the movie, however loosely defined, must be a member of the Class of 2000. (We'll make allowances for people who took an extra semester or two.) We encourage members of other Amherst classes to participate, but somebody in each movie should be an Amherst '00.
  3. There are no restrictions on content or style, although all videos will be on display during Reunion. As a college application essay prompt once put it: Don't be icky.
  4. Videos will be judged and voted on by anyone who cares to watch. We'll tally votes as follows:
  • 1 point for each "Like" vote on YouTube. YouTube voting is open to anyone on the Internet.
  • 2 points for each "Like" vote on the Class of 2000 Facebook page. Facebook voting is open to anyone who joins our Facebook group.
  • 3 points for each paper ballot filled out during Reunion Weekend at the Class of 2000 tent. This low-tech "Tent voting" is open to registered attendees of Reunion 2010. (If you want to register for Reunion, by the way, please do.)
  1. Tent voters will also have the option of casting votes in the categories of
  • "Best use of comedy or music"
  • "Best special effects or cinematography"
  • "Best excuse"
  • "Worst excuse"
  1. Note that it's entirely possible for dastardly fiends to vote for a video on YouTube, on Facebook, and in person. If they also vote from their work computer, that could be 4-5 votes for one video! Please vote only once in each medium. We're trusting to the Amherst Honor Code and the relatively small cash value of our contest prizes to keep everyone honest.
  2. Prizes:
  • The video that gets the most points (1xYouTube + 2xFacebook + 3xTent = points) wins our prize: A hardcover copy of Scott Turrow '70's new novel: Innocent.
  • Best use of comedy or music wins a paperback copy of Boys at Play, an anthology of Amherst poets edited by Artie Moffa '00.
  • Best excuse gets a bag of cider doughnuts from Atkins.
  • Worst excuse gets a bag of cider doughnuts from Atkins.
  • It's entirely possible for a video to win multiple prizes. Think of how great it would be to get a free box of books and doughnuts!
  1. There is no formal penalty for videos which go over the three-minute rule, but overly-long videos might not get their full share of prize doughnuts, if you catch our meaning.
  2. Prizes will be mailed to the winners promptly after Reunion. (By definition, the winners of the "Regrets Only" video contest won't be on hand to collect their prizes.)

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Submitted by Arthur F. Moffa on Tuesday, 5/25/2010, at 8:44 AM
Enter the Class of 2000's "Excuses, Excuses!" Video Contest!