Your 10th Reunion Contacts

Submitted by Arthur F. Moffa on Tuesday, 5/25/2010, at 8:28 AM

A lot of College staff and Class volunteers are working to make our 10th Reunion the best it can be. If you have questions or suggestions, please be in touch!

Stacey Gutman '00 is our class coordinator for Reunion. Without her, we'd be mooching tent space from the Class of '60 or something.

Jessie Noyes '00 is in charge of the lectures and events our class is sponsoring.

Our very own Brent Alderman-Sterste '00 is our inside man for the Amherst Alumni Office.

Artie Moffa '00 writes our Web pages and manages our Facebook group. Please let him know if he has spelled your name incorrectly somewhere.

We want parenthood to be a reason for attending Reunion, not an excuse for missing it, so Kristin Ogdon '00 is lining up child-care options and activities.