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Thank You!

Thank you for being part of the Amherst community.  Who knew, arriving at Amherst, what a profound effect this place would have on our lives?  Was it the faculty, the students, the campus, or the food at Val?

This year, more than 63% of our class (281 classmates) connected with Amherst and with one another by:

  • Attending Amherst events (17% attended a regional event or one on campus);
  • Volunteering for Amherst (24% of the class volunteered);
  • Donating to Amherst (we raised $34,887 in Alumni Fund support from nearly 46% of the class, and this year’s Annual Fund raised $10.3M overall from 57% of alumni and over 1,000 parents);
  • Connecting with the College virtually through Amherst Reads, the Virtual Lecture Series, the Alumni Blogroll, the Alumni Directory, multimedia podcasts, and more.

We wanted to thank you, our classmates, for making all of this possible.  We have helped current students and recent alumni, connected with old friends, and strengthened the Amherst community.

Once again, we recognize class members who donated to the College (click here for the donor roll list) and whose support ensures that current students can have the same life-changing experience we did.  And thank you so much to our amazing group of volunteers who do so much to ensure we stay connected to our alma mater and to one another.

We hope to see you at Homecoming this year, November 9-11, 2012.


Peter Beardsley              Tom DeWire                   Steve Ruckman
Class President              Class Agent                    Class Agent

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