Take the Time

Submitted by Heather A. Werner

Amherst has given each of us more than an education. Isn't it time we give something back?
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Not to Shabby!

Submitted by Heather A. Werner

When all the numbers were tallied, the Class of 2003 surpassed our Participation and Giving goals with 57.9% of the class donating to the Annual Fund for 2007-2008 for a total of $23,571!!

That beats our previous class record for participation and more than doubles our giving from last year!



00's Decade Giving Chart

Submitted by Heather A. Werner

Click Here to see how the Class of 2003 compares to the rest of the Amherst 00's!

The 1812 Society

Submitted by Heather A. Werner

Amherst College was founded in 1821 with the idea of "giving light to the world."  As an Amherst alumnus/a, you are one of a select few—just over 20,000 people worldwide—who knows first-hand the transforming power of the Amherst College experience. Those who support Amherst in a leadership capacity form an even more select group. The 1821 Society recognizes this special leadership group—and reinforces the close relationship between its members and the College to which they give their dedication and support.

All 1821 Society donors can have a profound impact on the day-to-day life of the College. The expenses associated with scholarships, faculty support and the maintenance of the campus—funded primarily by unrestricted gifts—are increasing. Leadership gifts are key to keeping Amherst vital.

As a young alumni, you can join the 1821 Society at a special gift level.  Join now by making a donation of $500.00 to the Alumni Fund.

About the Alumni Fund

Submitted by Heather A. Werner

The Alumni Fund at Amherst is the foundation of the College’s development program.  Unrestricted giving allows the College the most flexibility and provides vital funding for Amherst’s priorities.

Since its beginning, the College has consistently led its peers in Alumni Fund support and participation.  Last year, alumni contributed $8,853,892 with 61.3% participation—a record-setting year in terms of dollars raised.  Every gift truly does make a difference, and Amherst relies on its team of 1,300 Alumni Fund volunteers to write letters, send e-mails and make the all-important phone calls to classmates, asking for their support of Amherst.  Without their support, the Alumni Fund would not be able to achieve new heights almost every year.

Whether you give out of love for the College, in honor or memory of a faculty member who made a difference in your life or as a way of paying back the support you received as a student, Amherst is grateful that you have placed the College at the top of your philanthropic priorities.  

Thank you for your generosity!

Chris Noyer Seaver ’81            Leo Arnaboldi III ‘81
Annual Fund Co-Chair            Annual Fund Co-Chair