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Filmmaker Needs Your Help

Submitted by Christopher J. Akers on Friday, 7/22/2011, at 5:04 PM

Greetings Amherst Community,

This is Chris Akers '97... I wanted to let you all know about an animated film that imageI am directing that I believe is very powerful. But in order to complete production, we need your help.

The film is called GENTLE RAIN and is based on the short story by acclaimed author Henry Gregor Felsen, who's best known for his “Hot Rod” series of novels. He has written a tragic and timeless fable about an American fighter pilot on his last bombing mission of WWII. It’s an intimate portrayal of a pilot in conflict, the intense power he deals with, and the ultimate consequences of war.

I feel very passionately about this project and know the story deserves to be told. imageWe’ve begun the intial stages of development, but in order to complete production,   I am turning to you, the Amherst Community, for help.

Because we have to raise our budget independently we are seeking donations through, a new crowd-funding platform where rewards are offered in exchange for financial support and where the collective power of the audience can fund worthwhile projects. Keep in mind that it is only a "PLEDGE" right now, NO MONEY CHANGES HANDS until we reach our total fundraising goal. So what do you have to lose?!

To learn about the project, click here:

To learn more about me as a filmmaker, click here:

Thanks so much for reading and I appreciate any support I can get.

Thanks Jeffs!

all the best,

Chris Akers '97