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Nanny from NZ available in NYC!

Submitted by Kira Bacal on Tuesday, 1/8/2013, at 9:37 PM

Hi Guys,

Kira Bacal ’88 here. I now live in Auckland, New Zealand, and work at the medical school here. One of my colleagues – the head of the Pediatrics Department – came to me for a favor that I hope you can help with:

Her niece, who is an experienced nanny and qualified primary school teacher in NZ, is looking to stay in NYC for 6 months from Feb onwards and hopes to find work there as a nanny. If anyone is interested, she has excellent credentials (and not just through her relations), and I can pass on her CV with contact details (I've also tried to attach it here). I’ve got two little kids of my own – ages 3 and 1 – so I know how hard it can be to find a reliable nanny. If this helps out anyone, great!

Warm regards from the sunny Southern Hemisphere,


+64 21 023 90 691

Kate Asher -CV Nanny[1].pptx1.35 MB