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Bill Cohn '80
Major at Amherst: American Studies
Current Job Title: Product Manager
Artist Web site(s):
Type of Art: Ceramics
Artist Statement:
Bill Cohn has been a ceramic artist for 20 years.  Inexorably drawn to the  altered form, Cohn ventured into slab-built sculptural work five years ago.   Cohn finds beauty in the mundane; he impresses industrial textures – from floor mats, mesh bags, wire fencing, bubble wrap, etc. – into clay and then uses it to create tubes, pods, spores and other life-like forms.  He applies a limited palette of translucent glazes to his pieces and then carefully removes most of the glaze, leaving pools of color in the depressions, a technique that accentuates the textures and forms.

Bill's most recent gallery exhibit, "Industrial Organic", was held at ArtSpace Maynard, an artists' cooperative in Maynard, MA where Bill has had a studio for the past 9 years.