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Lisa Goren '81
Major at Amherst: European Studies
Current Job Title: Mom/Artist
Artist Website(s):
Type of Art: Painting: Watercolor
Artist Statement: I have been fascinated by Antarctica all of my life. In 1997 I was lucky enough to be able to travel “South” for a short time. Polar landscapes render the term “abstract” meaningless. These paintings address this question of reality vs. imagination by attempting to bring the beauty of Antarctica to our world here. In general, my work is more “realistic” and representational which can be a surprise if you’re not familiar with the Antarctic landscape.

Blue whales, the largest animal ever known to live on this planet were not the subject of whalers until the 20th century. Between (approximately) 1905 and 1966 (the year it became illegal to hunt blue whales), nearly 300,000 blue whales were caught in the southern or Antarctic seas. Although not much is known about these whales, it is estimated, that at their lowest point, there weren’t many more than 300 left in these waters. It is possible that this particular population may not recover. In my Whales project, I am working on creating 300 paintings of whale bones that have been left at whaling stations in Antarctica.

Most of my pieces are spare but I also hope to capture the singular beauty of the inner structure of these animals.  Few full skeletons are left so I’m also working from photos of pieces of bone, or a single full bone that has been left about. The whaling stations I visited have left me with haunting images which have compelled me to continue painting them.  Each piece is a new study and I work to explore the subtlety and grace of each bone. Working in watercolor allows me to use a medium that encompasses delicacy along with strength.

I have lived in Boston for over 20 years and have been painting and showing here for nearly 7 years.
Advice and Insights: I'm happy to talk about anyone in terms of marketing as I teach marketing for artists in the Boston area. Also, I'd love to connect with other watercolorists and polar artists.
Awards:  Beacon Hill Art Walk, 2nd place, painting, June 2009; Watercolor Magazine Artist of the Month, June 2008