Amherst Women's Network

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We hope to aid in the creation of, what we’ve penned for this time, the Amherst Women’s Network (AWN): a structural initiative to support the great strength, intelligence, and capability present in all Amherst Women, and those who ally with us. This model merely forms a starting place to be transformed by the current and past Amherst College students it means to serve.
Amanda Villarreal ’12, Tania Dias ’13, Meghna Sridhar ’14, Shruthi Badri ’16, Conny Morrison ’12, Rosalind Fennell ’12, Andrea Park ’12, Fabiana Krienes ’12, Jess Wall ’12, Anna Scheit ’12, Julie Keresztes ’12, Katie Allen ’12

Mission: “The Amherst Women’s Network will connect, inform, and empower all people who identify as and with Amherst women with resources, mentorship, support, and action through their years at Amherst College and beyond.”