Stories from the Summer 2020 special COVID-19 issue of Amherst magazine

17 Stories of Care, Courage, Practice and Progress

From nursing to anesthesiology to microbiology, alumni working in health care and science share their perspectives on the pandemic.

His Biggest Fear Is We’ll Go Back to Normal

Alexandre White ’10 works at the intersection of the two most important stories in the world today: pandemics and racism. The former can expose the worst in society, he says—but can also galvanize change.

They Are the COVID Generation

Meet some of the new doctors who graduated early to treat coronavirus patients in New York.

A Doctor’s COVID Journals

Four dispatches from Dr. Paul Simmons ’82, an internist in Boston.

Fieldwork Is the Fix

How veterinarian Suzan Murray ’84 is finding—and combatting—coronaviruses of the future

A Fatal Choir Rehearsal

Rich Read ’80, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, gets to the bottom of an early COVID-19 outbreak in Washington State.

Two Essays on Everyday Life in a Pandemic

Rand Richards Cooper ’80 writes about what we do when the present is scary and the future has evaporated, and Catherine Newman ’90 explains how the small things are everything.”

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