November 29, 2018

The Traditional History Major? It's History.

Amherst’s history department recently announced a new way to construct the major. It’s not just along geographical lines: It’s by theme.

Stories Since the Storm

The new issue of the Amherst-based literary magazine The Common presents writing from and about Puerto Rico, a year after Hurricane María.

Go Play Outside

Meghan Fitzgerald ’97 started Tinkergarten out of concern that children no longer know what to do with their free time.

Investing in Memphis

From murals to hip-hop to a liquor store turned gallery, one alumna is leveraging creative talent to empower a city in need. Amherst students are helping.

Until It’s Just Right

Makena Onjerika ’10 talks about her one great regret, the dangers of self-doubt and the big prize she won this year.

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