November 14, 2019

A Whole New Español

Many changes are in store for Amherst students who study Spanish, from language learning to cultural studies.

What It Takes to Recruit

The key to Amherst’s progress in recruiting a wide range of student athletes? “[H]aving the college’s leadership tell its coaches point blank that being diverse is an overwhelming priority,” said Amherst men’s soccer coach Justin Serpone in The New York Times. “And that is something that can be done anywhere.”

How to Read Moby-Dick

A National Review piece features Geoffrey Sanborn’s “eminently insightful” volume The Value of Herman Melville—which Amherst magazine also reviewed, in the Spring 2019 “happiness issue.” Sanborn is the Henry S. Poler ’59 Presidential Teaching Professor of English.

NOVA Calls on Amherst Chem Professor

You never know what might happen as a result of an Amherst connection. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Christopher Durr, for example, was sought out by a PBS producer who’d read our story about his intro unit on the chemistry of art. The result? Durr was consulted on the scientific animation created for NOVA’s “Decoding da Vinci.”

Family + Weekend = Fun for All

See what happened around campus during one of our favorite weekends of the year.

A Definitive Account

The New York Review of Books characterizes Spaniards in Mauthausen: Representations of a Nazi Concentration Camp, 1940–2015, by Professor of Spanish Sara Brenneis, as “painstaking and definitive.”

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