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eNews: 02/04/10: rocky mountain

Join Amherst geology professor Peter Crowley and Philip Robertson, professor emeritus of plant biology at Southern Illinois University, in Red Lodge, Mont., for a week-long program. In addition to exploring the history, geology, ecology and botany of Big Sky Country, participants will be able to enjoy spectacular scenery, field trips, hiking, rafting and more. Visit the travel opportunities section for more information.


February 4, 2010 e-News


’09 Grad Blogs About Haiti Earthquake Tragedy


eNews: 10/19/10, Haiti

Richard André’s piece on the Americas Quarterly Web site touched on his own Haitian heritage and his hope for the country’s recovery. “Perhaps embedded in the horror of this earthquake is a genuine opportunity to rebuild Haiti, truly from the ground up, and emerge from this crisis with a chance to start fresh,” he wrote. Are you or a fellow Amherst alum involved in the Haiti recovery effort? We’re interested! Reply to this e-mail and let us know what you’re doing.



January 19, 2010 e-News


Marx Comments on Accessibility in Washington Post Article


eNews: 10/19/10, Pres. Marx

President Anthony W. Marx spoke about the college’s efforts to continue to enroll students from low- and moderate-income families during the recession in a recent Sunday opinion piece. Telling columnist Steven Brint that the college was motivated by “a sense of social responsibility” to recruit undergraduates from all socioeconomic backgrounds, he added, “The big national question is: What do you do to make great education accessible to talented students whose families are not wealthy? … As a country, we have moved in the opposite direction. We won’t see the full damage [wrought by inaccessibility of higher education] for a generation, and by that time the leaders and politicians who made the prior choices will be long gone.”


January 19, 2010 e-News


Economics Professor Finds Another Reason to Clear the Air: Better School Attendance


eNews: 10/19/10, Steve Rivkin

A new study co-authored by Steven Rivkin shows that high levels of air pollution—even levels considered acceptable by federal standards—markedly increase school absences among children.


January 19, 2010 e-News



Mead Art Museum Launches Project to Conserve Rare Tibetan Art Pieces


eNews: 10/19/10, Tangka

Involving six of the Mead’s tangkas (cloth paintings of Buddhist deities mounted on silk scrolls), the initiative will eventually allow the long-hidden but fragile treasures to be safely handled, studied and displayed.


Jannuary 19, 2010 e-News


After 34 Years, a Legend Rests His Case


eNews: 10/19/10, Robert Morgenthau '41

Robert M. Morgenthau ’41, Manhattan’s district attorney for nearly three and a half decades, retired on Dec. 31 at age 90. His work for New York prompted many retrospectives, analyses and fond farewells in the media.


January 19, 2020 e-News



Navy Ship Named for Pioneering Alum


eNews: 10/19/10, Charles Drew '26

Charles R. Drew ’26, has a house on campus named after him, as well as a society. Further afield, several schools, a university and a bridge also bear his name. Now the gifted African-American athlete and pioneering surgeon who discovered the chemical method for preserving blood has a Navy ship named for him.



January 19, 2010 e-News


Finding the Problem


eNews: 10/19/10, Interterm

One of the dozens of Interterm courses offered this year“Problematic Species and the Quabbin Reservoir: Balancing Ecological Diversity, Recreation and Water Quality,” is teaching students to gather ecological data using GPS, remote cameras and more. Watch their site as the student research unfolds, or check out photos from a recent class outing.



January 19, 2010 e-News


Audio for Telephone Lecture with Psychology Prof Catherine Sanderson Now Online


eNews: 10/19/10, Sanderson

Sanderson discussed “Why I’m Not as Thin or as Smart as You Think I Am: An Examination of Factors That Lead to the Misperception of Valued Social Norms” as part of the Amherst Connects lecture series on Jan. 13. Listen at the Amherst Web site or download an MP3 to listen to at your leisure.


January 19, 2010 e-News

Tags: Nets “Honorable Mention”

eNews: 10/19/10, CASE

The college’s Web site was recognized by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education in their annual Communications Awards competition.

January 19, 2010 e-News





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