September 3, 2020

Meet Our New Faculty

For the 2020–21 academic year, Amherst welcomes 25 researchers, musicians, artists, writers and lecturers across 17 different departments and programs.

Watch a Conversation with Historian Dr. Mary Frances Berry

Kicking off Amherst’s lecture series on the history of anti-Black racism in America, Berry spoke with Associate Professor of History Jen Manion on the topic of Callie House and the struggle for ex-slave reparations.

Professor Pawan Dhingra on Kamala Harris' Asian American Family History

Since the announcement of Sen. Kamala Harris as the Democratic vice presidential nominee, media outlets including CNNNBC News and The Washington Post have featured comments from Professor of American Studies Pawan Dhingra on the importance of Harris’ identity as the daughter of an Indian immigrant mother.

Cassie Funke-Harris Took a Winding Path to Become a College Coach

“The impact that my coaches had on my college experience and the person I became and the experiences I had—I started to realize how profound that was,” says Amherst’s cross-country head coach in a profile for Women’s Running. “I thought, ‘If I can impact even half a dozen people the way they impacted me, that would be really rewarding.’”

Charles Hamilton Houston, Class of 1915, Suggested as Replacement for Confederate Statue

In July, a statue of a Confederate soldier was removed from the grounds of the Loudoun County Courthouse in Leesburg, Va. What should go in its place? An op-ed in the Loudoun Times-Mirror argues for a monument to Houston, civil rights lawyer and “commanding general in [the] battle” for racially integrated juries in Virginia.

What’s the Single Biggest Lesson You’ve Learned in the Past Six Months?

From the mundane (how to stage the perfect Zoom background) to the meaningful (how to organize a protest), 2020 has schooled us all. In 100 words or fewer, please submit your response to by Sept. 7. We’ll publish an edited sampling on the College’s public platforms. Thank you for sharing your story!

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