Manage Your Amherst College Password

Check the Amherst Password Rules before setting a new password to ensure that your password meets our complexity criteria.

Note to New Alums! Members of the Class of 2014 should continue to use the Standard Password Reset (left column below) as if you were still a student until your email is turned off in the late fall of 2014.

Amherst Password Rules

An Easy Recipe for a Secure Password
1. Take two common words; e.g., 'hours' and 'tree.'
2. Add a number, and use as your password; e.g., '9hourstree,' 'hours9tree,' or 'treehours9.'
NOTE that you can't use words that form a natural compound, such as 'yard' and 'arm.'

In addition to being between eight and 32 characters, a valid Amherst password must obey the following rules:

After Changing Your Password

Steps you may need to take after you've changed your Amherst password.