Resources and Tips for Regional Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our regional programs and these programs wouldn’t exist without the hard work of our volunteers–thank you! Amherst is fortunate to have a very engaged and loyal alumni body, and we welcome volunteers who are interested in assisting with regional programming. If you would like to be involved, please contact the Alumni Office or your local regional representative.

Amherst Regional Programming

Objectives include the following:

  • Build/foster community regionally
  • Keep alumni, parents and friends connected and informed about the College
  • Promote the mission of Amherst by taking part in efforts in advancement, admission and career advising
  • Foster ongoing relationships with students to demonstrate the valuable roles alumni play
  • Offer a variety of intellectual, social and cultural programs
  • Maintain a vibrant Amherst presence in major metropolitan areas

Alumni and Constituent Engagement Office (ACE) and Regional Groups

The relationship between Alumni and Constituent Engagement (ACE) and regional groups aims to be mutually beneficial. ACE supports regional volunteers by providing assistance with invitations (email unless hard copy mail is requested), collection of RSVPs, event/programming suggestions, volunteer recruitment and training, and contacts with faculty, administrators and student groups. If there is a charge for an event, ACE will collect money online, if requested.  The collected funds will be reimbursed to the regional volunteers following the event.  There is an expectation that events will break-even financially, or the difference will be met by the regional group if they have existing funds. 

In normal times, associations are encouraged to host events and participate in traditional events such as the Amherst vs. Williams Football Watch Parties and College sponsored speakers. 

Regional Programs

Amherst has several featured regional programs that ACE manages but are made possible with the help of volunteers:

  • The Amherst - Williams Football Telecast (November)
  • Presidential, faculty or staff visits (limited, at the discretion of the College)
  • Alumni/Student Networking Events (limited, on a rotating basis in our major cities)

Where there is interest, regional volunteers additionally propose and organize a diverse offering of regional programs and events.  These events may be intellectual, social or cultural in nature. Alumni, parents, current students (during January and the summer), widows and friends are invited to regional events.

Regional Event Suggestions (at the discretion of the regional volunteers):

  • Talk or performance by an Amherst alumnus/a, an Amherst Professor or Amherst students (faculty/students at the discretion of the College)
  • Tour of a special museum exhibition, gallery or business with alumni speaker
  • “Welcome to the City” gatherings in the fall for new grads/relocated alumni
  • Happy Hours or social gatherings
  • Seminars/panels featuring alumni/ae and/or faculty
  • Athletic events (Amherst team support or group outing to professional game)

Policy on Promoting Fundraising Events:

In general, College policy prohibits the College from soliciting funds for other non-profit organizations.  As such, participation by regional groups in activities with non-profit organizations will be allowed, with prior permission from Alumni and Parent Programs:

1) only when fundraising is not a prerequisite for participating in the event; and

2) only when the collection of funds for a non-profit (other than Amherst) is not mentioned in the marketing of the event.

Registration fees for activities are not prohibited as long as they only cover costs and are not considered a tax deductible contribution.

Requests for time (park clean ups, serving food at a shelter, etc.) are permitted.

Website and Social Media:

We encourage active regional groups to create a Facebook page or group.  A Facebook presence is an efficient method to maximize outreach to local alumni and is a very flexible platform for regional discussions and postings.  Regional Facebook pages/groups will be listed on Amherst’s alumni website for central reference. Please visit Amherst College's Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Statement for more information. 

For Volunteers Planning Virtual Events:

In this time of increased virtual engagement, alumni are organizing class and regional gatherings via Zoom and other platforms. We have seen an increase in requests for faculty and student participation in these alumni-run programs. If you have plans to host virtual events involving faculty or students in the future, please visit our Volunteer Events and Faculty page for more information.