Homecoming 2017

List of Open Classes for Friday, October 20

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9 - 9:50 a.m.

ECON-420-01, Game Theory and Applications, Christopher Kingston, Chapin 201
GEOL-109-01, Climate Change, Global Warming and Energy Resources, Kinuyo Kanamaru, Beneski 107
MATH-111-02, Introduction to the Calculus, Nathan Pflueger, Seeley Mudd 207
MATH-211-01, Multivariable Calculus, Robert Benedetto, Seeley Mudd 206
MATH-271-01, Linear Algebra, Harris Daniels, Seeley Mudd 205
PHYS-116-01, Introductory Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion, Larry Hunter, Merrill 2
PHYS-123-01, The Newtonian Synthesis: Dynamics of Particles and Systems, Waves, David Hanneke, Merrill 3

10 - 10:50 a.m.

BLST-221-01, Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa*, Sean Redding, Webster 217
COSC-241-01, Artificial Intelligence, Scott Alfeld, Merrill 2
ENGL-111-02, Having Arguments, Benson Lieber, Converse 308
EUST-121-01, Readings in the European Tradition I, Robert Doran, Converse 108
FREN-207-02, Introduction to French Literature and Culture**, Raphael Sigal, Fayerweather 117
FREN-208-01, French Conversation**, Sanam Nader-Esfahani, Chapin 205
GEOL-111-01, Principles of Geology, Peter Crowley, Beneski 107
GERM-205-01, Intermediate German**, Heidi Gilpin '84, Converse 209
GREE-215-01, An Introduction to Greek Tragedy**, Rebecca Sinos, Grosvenor 12
MATH-111-03, Introduction to the Calculus, Karamatou Yacoubou Djima, Seeley Mudd 207
MATH-211-02, Multivariable Calculus, Tanya Leise, Seeley Mudd 205
PHYS-225-01, Modern Physics, Jonathan Friedman, Merrill 211
SPAN-120-01, Spanish II**, Carmen Granda, Merrill 314
SPAN-130-01, Spanish IV**, Mónica Bel Lopez, Newport 100

11 - 11:50 p.m.

CHEM-161-01, Chemical Principles, Ashfaq Bengali, Merrill 3
CLAS-121-01, Greek Mythology and Religion, Rebecca Sinos, Fayerweather 115
FREN-207-01, Introduction to French Literature and Culture**, Laure Katsaros, Chapin 203
FREN-208-02, French Conversation**, Sanam Nader-Esfahani, Chapin 205
GEOL-105-01, Introduction to Oceanography, David Jones, Beneski 107
MATH-105-01, Calculus with Algebra, Harris Daniels, Chapin 201
MATH-111-04, Introduction to the Calculus, David Cox, Seeley Mudd 204
MATH-220-02, Discrete Mathematics, Jamie Juul, Seeley Mudd 206
MATH-272-01, Linear Algebra with Applications, Nathan Pflueger, Johnson Chapel 202
MUSI-112-01, Exploring Music, David Schneider, Arms Music 212
RELI-263-01, Beginning the Bible, Susan Niditch, Chapin 203
SPAN-120-02, Spanish II**, Carmen Granda, Merrill 314
SPAN-130-02, Spanish IV**, Mónica Bel Lopez, Newport 100

Noon - 12:50 p.m.

COSC-301-01, Data Structures and Algorithms II, John Rager, Seeley Mudd 207
COSC-311-01, Algorithms, Kristen Gardner '12, Seeley Mudd 206
ENGL-112-01, Realism, Benson Lieber, Converse 308
FYSE-119-01, Romanticism and the Enlightenment, Ute Brandes, Chapin 119
GEOL-291-01, Structural Geology, Peter Crowley, Beneski 311    
MATH-220-01, Discrete Mathematics, Jamie Juul, Seeley Mudd 205
PHYS-117-01, Introductory Physics II: Electromagnetism and Optics, Ashley Carter, Merrill 1
PHYS-227-01, Methods of Theoretical Physics, William Loinaz, Merrill 315
STAT-135-02, Introduction to Statistics via Modeling, Pamela Matheson, Merrill 131

Noon - 2:30 p.m.

ECON-440-01, Macroeconomic Programming and Policies: The IMF Framework, Andreas Georgiou '83, Converse 302
RELI-287-01, Islamic Intellectual Tradition: The Classics, Tariq Jaffer, Chapin 205

12:30 - 1:50 p.m.

BIOL-330-01, Biochemical Principles of Life at the Molecular Level, Patricia O'Hara, Merrill 4

1 - 1:50 p.m.

COSC-112-01, Introduction to Computer Science II, Scott Alfeld, Seeley Mudd 206
HIST-102-01, World War II in Asia*, Trent Maxey, Chapin 101
MATH-111-05, Introduction to the Calculus, Amanda Folsom, Seeley Mudd 204
MATH-140-01, Mathematical Modeling, Tanya Leise, Merrill 300B            
MATH-211-03, Multivariable Calculus, Michael Ching, Seeley Mudd 205
MUSI-241-01, Tonal Harmony and Counterpoint, Dylan Schneider '06, Arms Music 212
SPAN-125-02, Spanish III**, Mónica Bel Lopez, Converse 308
STAT-230-01, Intermediate Statistics, Shu-Min Liao, Merrill 131

2 - 2:50 p.m.

COSC-231-01, Programming Language Paradigms, John Rager, Merrill 3
MATH-121-04, Intermediate Calculus, Gregory Call, Seeley Mudd 204
MATH-211-04, Multivariable Calculus, Yongheng Zhang, Seeley Mudd 207
MUSI-220-01, History of Opera, David Schneider, Arms Music 212
STAT-135-03, Introduction to Statistics via Modeling, Pamela Matheson, Merrill 131

2:30 - 3:20 p.m.

MATH-281-01, Combinatorics, Amanda Folsom, Beneski 107

2:30 - 4:30 p.m.

BIOL-350-01, Neurophysiology*, Josef Trapani, Merrill 300B

*Space is limited.
**This course is taught entirely in the language indicated in the course name.