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The 25th Reunion

  • Class of 1991's 25th Reunion: May 25 - 29, 2016


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If you have specific questions about the 25th Reunion not answered on this Website, contact Kristen Ford, Associate Director of 25th Reunion Programs at (413) 542-8226. For 25th Reunion Gift information contact Megan Wolf, Director of 25th Reunion Giving at (413) 542-8244.

The Tradition

The 25th Reunion is a major milestone in the lives of many Amherst alumni. This Reunion marks a time when many alumni choose to reflect upon and celebrate their Amherst experience in three different ways—by returning to campus, writing a personal essay for publication in a class book, and making a special financial contribution.

The Weekend

Mark your calendar and begin planning your travel today. This weekend promises to be full and interesting with programs that begin on Wednesday evening and concludes Sunday around noon.

Varied programs and seminars on Friday and Saturday let you feel like you're back in the classroom. You’ll be able to spend time with friends over a meal or a trek on the Norwottuck Rail Trail. Tour the campus and see the renovations and additions we've made since your last visit. You can go to a lecture at the Mead Art Museum or pick up a new sweatshirt at Hastings. Most importantly, this weekend provides you with a rare opportunity to engage in conversations with classmates, friends and former professors.

The majority of your classmates will be on campus by Friday evening, with the largest number of attendees here on Saturday. You are encouraged to bring family or guests. The College's program for children under 12 years is so popular that pre-registration is a must.

Reunion Lodging

On-campus accommodations are available to reunion guests on a first-come, first-served basis. The residence hall rooms are basic and often share a bathroom, but you can't beat the cost and convenience! Registration information for on-campus housing is included with your class registration (registration will begin in January) - either online or by mail. If you wish to find local lodging, be sure to make your reservations early, as local hotels, motels and B&Bs tend to fill up quickly.

The Class Book

This book is sometimes called a yearbook, but it's more than that. Published in the spring of your Reunion year with the hope of including essays from everyone in the class, the Class Book offers an opportunity for everyone to participate in Reunion, regardless of their ability to return to campus for the actual weekend. It's a chance to reflect on your Amherst experience, your life since Amherst, your values and dreams.

Each classmate is asked to submit a one-page essay and a recent picture or two. These essays and photos are compiled and published a few months prior to Reunion. Every member of the class receives a copy of the book as a gift from the College. Wonderful memories are shared, and as the book editor for the Class of 1975, Jim Kennedy, said, "It may even help you and your classmates navigate a life passage, as you discover that you are not alone in the journey you've taken since Amherst."

Regional Class Pre-Reunion Parties

In the year leading up to your 25th Reunion, classes plan informal pre-reunion get togethers in the major cities (and wherever classes have the highest number of classmates concentrated). These opportunities offer a great way to catch up with classmates you haven't seen in awhile, look through previous Class Reunion books, thumb through your own Class yearbook and freshman facebook (yes, we still have those...) and get to know classmates in your area. Even if you live in an area where there are only a few classmates, people have met up for drinks or dinner or held a casual get together at someone's home - even just for a few classmates.

Interested in hosting a regional Class party? Contact Alumni and Parent Programs at (413) 542-2313 or

The 25th Reunion Gift

Amherst is an extraordinary institution in large part because of the alumni who have supported the College from its earliest days. Our 25th Reunion is a defining moment, both for our class and for the institution that brought us together for the first time in the fall of 1987. Now is our time to support the College as those who came before us supported us.

Please contact, Megan Wolf, Director of 25th Reunion Giving, for more information.

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