Class Program Submission for Reunion 2021

Reunion Program Committees are responsible for developing class-sponsored panels and lectures that foster community, connection and intellectual engagement. Please complete one form for each program your class will present during Reunion so that we can assign the most appropriate venue and provide the audio-visual support and resources you require. Descriptions should be 150 words or fewer. Alumni and Parent Programs will coordinate all requests and prepare the final Reunion schedule based on room and equipment requirements/availability, competing or compatible subject matter and other considerations. If you have questions, please contact Jessica Ortiz at or 413-542-8226.

Deadline: March 1, 2021

Program descriptions may be edited to fit the Amherst College Editorial Style Guide and for content.
We will honor your request for a specific venue when possible, but Alumni and Parent Programs will make the final decisions based on program requirements.
Class programs are scheduled from noon on Friday through Saturday evening of Reunion unless an earlier day is requested. If your presenter(s) can only be available on certain days or times, please note that here.
Program Audio-Visual Needs (check all that apply): *
For specific technical questions related to our audiovisual capabilities, contact John Kunhardt, classroom technology manager: 413-542-2149 or jwkunhardt[at]
Set-up needs (Water, table and chairs will be provided.):

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