Important Telephone Numbers

Alumni House Reception Center
On-Campus: ext. 2065
Off-Campus or Cell Phone: 413-542–2065

Alumni and Parent Programs Office
On-Campus: ext. 5900
Off-Campus or Cell Phone: 413-542-5900

Campus Operator
On Campus: dial 0
Off-Campus or Cell Phone: 413-542–2000

Amherst College Police (Business Line)
On-Campus: ext. 2291
Off-Campus or Cell Phone: 413-542–2291

Amherst College Police (Emergency)
On-Campus: ext. 2111
Off-Campus or Cell Phone: 413-542–2111

Post-60th Headquarters
On-Campus: ext. 8207
Off-Campus or Cell Phone: 413-542–8207

Emergency Medical Services

Amherst College Police offers Emergency Services (24 hours a day)
On-Campus: ext. 2111
Off-Campus or Cell Phone: 413-542–2111

IMPORTANT: Please use the numbers listed above for emergencies; if you dial 911 on your cell phone, you may get emergency services in your hometown.

Get more information on non-emergency medical services.

Safety and Security

Amherst College Alcohol Policy

All alcohol must be served by a TIPS-certified bartender. BYO parties and no-host bars are not permitted on campus.

Alcoholics Anonymous Resources

Meetings will be held on Friday and Saturday from 4 to 5:30 p.m. in Pemberton Lounge of Chapin Hall (formerly Chapin Lounge). There are also many meetings in the local area.

Massachusetts Drinking Laws

In Massachusetts, all persons under the age of 21 are prohibited from purchasing, otherwise procuring, transporting and/or consuming alcoholic beverages. It is illegal to serve alcoholic beverages to an already intoxicated person. Any sale of alcoholic beverages without a license is also prohibited. Public consumption or conveyance of alcohol in open containers is illegal in the Town of Amherst. This includes the presence of open containers in vehicles as well as the carrying of such containers on sidewalks, streets, the Town Common, etc.

Lost and Found

During Reunion, articles found on-campus can be turned in at Alumni House, where they will be held until Sunday morning. At this time, all unclaimed items will be brought to the Amherst College Police station and held for 30 days. If you believe you have left something behind after leaving the campus, please call the police station business line at 413-542–2291.

Guns and Fireworks

It is a criminal offense for anyone to carry a firearm or other dangerous weapon on any College property. Under the state’s strict gun control law, those caught with unlicensed guns face a mandatory one-year minimum sentence upon conviction. Violations of the state law on firearms and other dangerous weapons are considered extremely serious and may lead to criminal charges, including arrest. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts also prohibits the possession and discharging of any type of fireworks.