Reunion 2024

Contact information for class Reunion Chairs can be found in the Alumni Directory via the links below (log-in required).

CLASS OF 1954 - 70th Reunion

Headquarters: James Hall (Double Rooms)
Reunion Chair: George G. Watson Jr.

CLASS OF 1959 - 65th Reunion

Headquarters: James Hall (Double Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: James E. (Jim) Scott

CLASS OF 1964 - 60th Reunion

Headquarters: Stearns Hall (Double Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: John R. (Jack) Crutchfield and Joel M. Miller

CLASS OF 1969 - 55th Reunion

Headquarters: Lipton House (Hamilton/Chi Phi) (Mostly Single Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Robert E. (Rob) Simpson Jr., DSW 

CLASS OF 1974 - 50th Reunion

Headquarters: Charles Drew (Phi Psi) (Single and Double Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: Bruce D. Angiolillo, Esq., Frank S. Gordon, William F. (Bill) Weaver and David W. (Dave) Werner

CLASS OF 1979 - 45th Reunion

Headquarters: Mayo Smith (Chi Psi) (Single and Double Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: Mindy I. Pickard, M.S. LAC. and John J. Seidl

CLASS OF 1984 - 40th Reunion

Headquarters: Seelye (Psi U) (Single Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: Ralph S. Cummins and Amy Sargent Swank

CLASS OF 1989 - 35th Reunion

Headquarters: Hitchcock (AD) (Single Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: George L. Bischof and Kristin K. (Krissy) Campbell

CLASS OF 1994 - 30th Reunion

Headquarters: Porter (DU) / Garman (Mostly Single Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Suzanne M. Schindler

CLASS OF 1999 - 25th Reunion

Headquarters: Ford Hall/Lee Hall/Nicholls Biondi Hall/Greenway Residence Halls (Single and Double Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Ardail R. (Dale) Henry

CLASS OF 2004 - 20th Reunion

Headquarters: Morris Pratt (Single and Double Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: Katyuska Eibensteiner and Joseph H. Tringali

CLASS OF 2009 - 15th Reunion

Headquarters: Charles Pratt (Double Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Laura V. Smith

CLASS OF 2014 - 10th Reunion

Headquarters: Appleton and South (Double Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: Christopher L. (Chris) Friend  and Ian T. Hatch

CLASS OF 2019 - 5th Reunion

Headquarters: King and Wieland (Single and Double [with added cot] Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Diane H. Lee