Reunion 2020

Contact information for class Reunion Chairs can be found in the Alumni Directory via the links below (log-in required).

CLASS OF 1950 - 70th Reunion

Headquarters: James Hall (Double Rooms)

CLASS OF 1955 - 65th Reunion

Headquarters: James Hall (Double Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Robert L. (Bob) Jedrey and Ernest Van B. (Van) Seasholes

CLASS OF 1960 - 60th Reunion

Headquarters: Stearns Hall (Double Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Thomas P. (Tom) Elder and Joseph F. (Joe) Zgrodnik

CLASS OF 1965 - 55th Reunion

Headquarters: Lipton House (Hamilton/Chi Phi) (Mostly Single Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Thomas M. (Tom) Poor

CLASS OF 1970 - 50th Reunion

Headquarters: Charles Drew (Phi Psi) (Single and Double Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: Burton I. (Burt) Woolf

CLASS OF 1975 - 45th Reunion

Headquarters: Mayo Smith (Chi Psi) (Single and Double Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Peter C. Hunter

CLASS OF 1980 - 40th Reunion

Headquarters: Seelye (Psi U) (Single Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: Susan L. (Sue) Dahl and Jack J. Pannell Jr.

CLASS OF 1985 - 35th Reunion

Headquarters: Hitchcock (AD) (Single Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: George H. Spencer III and Taylor H. Wilson

CLASS OF 1990 - 30th Reunion

Headquarters: Porter (DU) / Garman (Mostly Single Rooms)
Reunion Chair: M. Concetta (Connie) BurtonMatthew M. (Matt) Jackson, Laura F. (Lauri) Lee and Andrew D. (Andy) Levitz

CLASS OF 1995 - 25th Reunion

Headquarters: Ford Hall/Nicholls Biondi Hall/ Greenway Residence Halls (Single and Double Rooms)
Reunion Chairs: Wells M. Blanchard and Kristen M. Spargo

CLASS OF 2000 - 20th Reunion

Headquarters: Morris Pratt (Single and Double Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Johnnie L. Odom II

CLASS OF 2005 - 15th Reunion

Headquarters: Charles Pratt (Double Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Emily Eisen Collier 

CLASS OF 2010 - 10th Reunion

Headquarters: Williston and North (Double Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Tierney O. Healey

CLASS OF 2015 - 5th Reunion

Headquarters: King and Wieland (Single and Double [with added cot] Rooms)
Reunion Chair: Amani Ahmed

View pictures of the kitchens and lounges in Reunion headquarters (log-in required).