View from the Front Lines: How Obama Beat Clinton and McCain—And What’s to Come

Chuck Lewis ’64 was an active supporter of Obama’s Senate campaign and an early proponent of his run for president. He was on Obama’s national finance committee and has written 40 commentaries on the Obama campaign and administration. Terry Segal ’64 is the former campaign manager and press secretary for U.S. House Speaker Tip O’Neill and the 1968 advance man for VP nominee Ed Muskie. He worked in New Hampshire for law school classmate Sen. Joe Lieberman and for Sen. John Kerry in 2004 and Obama in 2008. Jesse Brill ’64 is an expert on and critic of excessive executive compensation and chair of, The Corporate Counsel, and the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals. They will give the insider’s view of lessons learned during the primary and general election, including the misreported Texas results, caucuses vs. primaries, fund raising, Reverend Wright, Bill Ayres, the Democratic National Convention and Governor Palin. Jesse will speak about his efforts to put language in the TARP legislation that would have avoided the AIG debacle. They will all comment on where we go from here. Presented by the Class of 1964.

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