Changing the World at Home and Abroad: Class of 1987 Reformers

Reunion Weekend 2012

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Seven Amherst 1987 graduates who are at the forefront of international and domestic reform movements will frame issues they are currently working on, including reducing environmental degradation in Third World countries; addressing economic development and basic needs in African communities; remedying unfair corporate business practices in the U.S. and abroad; providing HIV/AIDS medical, prevention and advocacy services locally and internationally; increasing accessibility of affordable housing in New York and preventing foreclosures; and reducing family instability and substance abuse in poor communities in major U.S. cities. Panelists are Eva Neubauer Alligood ’87, urban planning and community development consultant; James Fahn ’87, executive director of the Earth Journalism Network at Internews; Chris Jochnick ’87, director of the private sector department at Oxfam; Tom Myers ’87, general counsel and chief of public affairs at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation; Wanda Mial ’87, principal at Mialstones Consulting; Jeffrey Wright ’87, actor, vice chairman of Taia Lion Resources and chairman of Taia Peace Foundation; and Josh Zinner ’87, co-director of the Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project. Presented by the Class of 1987.