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The Future of the Book (and Print Media) in the Digital Age

Reunion Weekend 2012

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Kindles, e-books, iPads, Amazon, Slate—they’re all on the menu of an increasingly digital world of publishing. Yet many of us feel anxious that the e-world will fundamentally transform the book as we know it: Would Ulysses be Ulysses, or would Pride and Prejudice have succeeded, if they were first published as e-books on Amazon? Will great new works of literature be lost in a sea of amateur self-published e-books? How can e-sales profits support not only authors but also the all-important editors, designers and illustrators? Will all books and magazines one day be available only digitally? What of the crisp turn of a page, the heft of a book? Come join a discussion about the future with Rafael Campo ’87, poet and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School; Darcy Jacobs ’87, executive editor of Family Circle magazine; Andrew Parker, professor of English at Amherst; and Niko Pfund ’87, president of Oxford University Press USA. Presented by the Class of 1987.