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Women at Amherst: The Past, the Present, the Future

Reunion Weekend 2013

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This is a multi-class program created by the Class of 1988 and featuring the Classes of 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 2003 and 2008. Sandra Hecker ’78, Sarah Bloom Raskin ’83, Flora Stamatiades ’88, Lisa Wolf ’88, Ingrid Katz ’93, Laura Swanson ’03 and Ashley Finigan ’08 will attempt to put in context the varying experience of young women at Amherst, from 1978 (the first graduating class that included women) through 2008 (here for their five-year reunion), with an eye to the future. Many of us came to Amherst not having given a second thought to being women on a campus that was all male for the majority of its history, and certainly not to how the culture of such an institution might need to change or might be changing. How did the environment change and grow—or not—during our time there and since? How did that affect us, both at college and since? And how can we, as alumnae, help the college move forward as an appropriately supportive environment for both women and men? Presented by the Class of 1988.

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