Welcome to Reunion Planning!

Reunion 2024 will be held from Wednesday, May 29–Sunday, June 2.

Amherst has a long history of successful Reunions, and we have no doubt that this year will be a great success as well. Year after year, alumni gather to mark a milestone of the time since their undergraduate days at Amherst, and year after year, behind the scenes is a big group of people working to make it all happen. Without dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, Reunion would not work as well as it does. Thank you for being one of those volunteers.

As you may already know, one of the pleasures of Reunion is that people are here for many different reasons. Alumni attend to spend time with old friends, to visit the campus again and see how it’s changed, to take advantage of the many activities offered (intellectually stimulating and otherwise) or to bring family back to a much-loved place. For some, Reunion means participating in a flurry of activities—panels, lectures, readings, gatherings and talks—while others focus on the quieter moments. The relationship between you, our alumni volunteers, and staff in the office of Alumni and Constituent Engagement will help to support a wide range of experiences that meet the many varying interests of our alumni.

This handbook serves as a guide and checklist for your committee. Included is much of the information you will need to begin planning for your upcoming Reunion. In addition, the staff of Alumni and Constituent Engagement are available to answer any of your Reunion planning questions. We look forward to working with you over the next year to help make this a memorable Reunion for all involved. 

Best of luck, and have fun!


Reunion 2024 Planning Handbook

Getting Started

  • Reunion Deadlines and Important Dates Summary
  • Monthly Planning Timeline + Suggested Communications
  • General Reunion Schedule

General Information

  • Reception Center
  • Parking and Transportation on Campus
  • On-Campus Housing
  • Children and Families
  • Food and Refreshments on Campus
  • Safety and Security

Your Class Liaison

  • Your Class Liaison
  • Alumni and Constituent Staff Contact Information

Reunion Chair Responsibilities

  • Building a Team
  • Getting the Word Out: Communication Options
  • Class Assistants
  • Headquarters and On-Campus Housing

Committee Descriptions and Duties

Additional Resources

  • Commonly Used Forms
  • Reunion Statistics and Information
  • Suppliers and Vendors
  • 2024 Reunion Chairs

Getting Started

Reunion Deadlines and Important Dates Summary

  • September 28 and October 2: Zoom Training for Reunion Volunteers 
  • December 1: Class Fee Structure and Fee Statement Due
  • Early February: Registration opens
  • March 1: Program Forms Due
  • April 1: Headquarters Form Due
  • April 1: Alumni and Constituent Engagement will be in touch with preliminary class program schedule
  • April 15: Program schedule and descriptions finalized (after being approved by committee and speakers)
  • April 15: All Vendor Information Due to Class Liaison
  • April 30: Final deadline for all program additions/changes in the printed Reunion program
  • May 15: Cancellation Deadline
  • May 29–June 2: REUNION

Monthly Planning Timeline + Suggested Communications

Mailings will be sent by email (or by paper mail to those without email). Classes may choose to send one mailing to all classmates on paper, including a registration form. The College will offer email templates for many of these communications.

Please be aware that all communications (copy, photos and any other graphics) that are sent through College communications channels—email, College-run social media, amherst.edu webpages, or snail mail—will be reviewed by the Advancement Communications team. All communications are formatted according to the College’s style guide and Visual Identity Toolkit for the sake of consistency (view online at amherst.edu/news/communications/visual-identity-toolkit). We may make edits to your message to ensure that the invitation aligns with the College’s messaging guidelines and best practices; if that is the case, we’ll share the revised draft with you before it is sent (and we’re always happy to explain the rationale for any edits!). 


Begin building your team. Reunion Chairs should start reaching out to fellow classmates to recruit potential committee chairs and members.        

Suggested Communication: Draft a save the date for your class and recruit additional volunteers. Your class liaison can provide samples.


Schedule a Reunion planning Zoom or conference call in cooperation with class liaison for class members who are interested in participating in planning. Your class liaison will provide resources and information you need to be ready, including past budgets, programs and class lists, in addition to the data at the back of this handbook.

Fall tasks:

  • Set general budget (consider entertainment, meals, tent, etc.)
  • Set class fees (deadline: December 1)
  • Begin inviting speakers and coordinating programs
  • Appoint Attendance Committee chair(s)

Suggested Communication: If you have any vacant committee positions, consider sending another recruitment message to classmates before the holidays. You may also want to solicit program ideas from classmates in this communication.


Class fee structure and statement due to your class liaison by December 1.


Begin to brainstorm class-sponsored programs and invite classmates to participate. All program details are due by March 1.


Registration opens in early February. An email announcement from the College will go to all Reunion classes with registration information. An auto-populated list of attendees from the registration system will appear on the “Who is Registered?” page on the Reunion website.

Program Chairs should meet with class liaisons this month to discuss progress in preparation for the March 1 deadline.

Suggested Communication (optional): In addition to telephone calls and personal emails, you may want to send a registration reminder to classmates with updates on class plans for Reunion, including programs, meals and activities. If you haven’t already sent a postal mailing with a paper registration form, this is a good time. Your class liaison can provide samples.


Class Program Form due March 1. It’s important to have all program details as accurate and complete as possible, as the College cannot ensure that last-minute requests will be met.

Suggested Communication (optional): In addition to telephone calls and personal emails, you may want to send a registration reminder to classmates with updates on class plans for Reunion, including programs, meals and activities. If you haven’t already sent a postal mailing with a paper registration form, this is a good time. Your class liaison can provide samples.


Deadlines this month:

  • Headquarters Form due April 1
  • Vendor information due to your class liaison by April 15.
  • Program schedule and descriptions finalized April 15.
  • Final deadline for all program additions/changes for the printed Reunion program is April 30.

Suggested Communication (optional): Consider sending another class-wide registration reminder in late April. This could include additional information on class programs and/or a link to the class schedule on the Reunion website (this will not include private programs like dinners, so that will need to be included separately in your communication). Your class liaison can provide samples.


Cancellation deadline is May 15. No housing refunds after this date. Refunds for class fees will be determined by the Reunion Chair and Treasurer after Reunion.


REUNION: May 29–June 2

General Reunion Schedule

Additional schedule information for Reunion 2023, including College-sponsored programs, will be posted in March. Class-sponsored programs will be posted in April.


2 p.m.Reception Center opens. Campus residences open for on-campus accommodations.


All DayCollege-sponsored programs       
(lectures, museum tours, etc.)
 Some class Reunions begin with Thursday activities (golfing, other sports, etc.) and an optional dinner.


All DayCollege-sponsored programs
AfternoonClass programs begin and are held at 1 p.m., 2:30 p.m., and 4 p.m. (if a class requests, morning time slots are also available)
5 p.m.Presidential Reception with Michael A. Elliott ’92
EveningClass dinners and entertainment 


All DayClass programs at 9 a.m., 10:15 a.m.,       
1:45 p.m. and 3 p.m.
11:30 a.m.Conversation with the President and Annual Meeting of the Society of the Alumni and the Alumni Council
NoonComplimentary Reunion Luncheon on the Valentine Quad
EveningClass banquets and entertainment 


9 a.m.Service of Remembrance and Community
NoonReception Center closes

General Information

Reception Center

The Alumni House Reception Center serves as the general headquarters for all Reunion operations. This is often the first place returning alumni go when they arrive on campus. They check in and pick up a copy of the final program, as well as their individual class programs and room keys if they are staying on campus.

Parking and Transportation on Campus


Parking permits are required for on-campus parking during Reunion. Permits are available at the Reception Center and will be supplied to alumni when they come to check in. This parking permit will allow for parking in designated areas on the main campus. We ask that alumni park in designated areas only and observe the “No Parking” signs. Any parked vehicles that block traffic will be towed (for safety and accessibility reasons).

Please be aware that there is absolutely no parking permitted on the grass in the Main Quadrangle. Parking on the street of the Main Quad is for people with handicapped-parking placards or specific mobility needs only, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Regular shuttle service is provided between parking lots and the Main Quad. Ten-minute pick-up and drop-off zones will be available in front of each residence hall on the Main Quad.

All handicapped-parking placards, or photocopies, will be honored by the Amherst College Police. The police cannot issue handicapped-parking placards.

Please note: Your parking permit allows for parking in any designated parking space on campus. A Reunion parking permit does not apply to any metered or pay-box parking space in the town of Amherst, including designated weekday Permit Parking Only areas on streets in the campus vicinity.        

On-Campus Shuttle Service

The campus shuttle will run every 15 minutes from parking lots on Route 9 to the Reception Center, Main Quadrangle and South (Tennis Court) Lot. Please note that this shuttle does not have the capacity to transport large groups between programs. Shuttle hours will be published on the Reunion website in spring 2024.

As you remember, the Amherst College campus has many hills. Programs are held in a variety of locations, and our ability to provide individuals with transportation between buildings and programs is limited. Alumni with mobility concerns can call 413-542-2313 before Reunion to discuss available services.        

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is available for alumni and guests on Wednesday through Saturday evenings. Rooms may be reserved when registering for Reunion online or by paper registration form. Alumni and Constituent Engagement will make the housing assignments on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrants intending to stay on campus should register for housing at their earliest convenience to ensure availability. We do our best to house all classmates within the same residence hall (or set of residence halls). Please note: Actual room assignments will not be available until alumni arrive on campus. Residence hall rooms are functional (extra-long twin size beds, sheets, towels, a pillow and a blanket are provided). There are no rooms with private baths. All residence halls and houses are non-smoking. The residence halls are not air-conditioned; we encourage guests to bring a fan and nightlight if they find it necessary. For more information on housing, please see the Reunion General Information webpage

Reunion Chairs will receive a form asking for a list of classmates who should be housed at headquarters (as space allows). Most often the Reunion Chair and their committee members elect to stay at headquarters. All alumni staying at headquarters still need to register and pay for housing. The charge for on-campus housing is $45 per person, per night; the charge for children aged 4–12 is $20 per child, per night. The housing fee is waived for Reunion Chairs and one guest. Housing is free for alumni and one guest each for the Classes of 1939–1964 (60th Reunion and beyond) and for children under 4 years old.

Classmates who prefer to stay in local hotels or motels are advised to make their own arrangements well in advance, as this time of year is high season for commencements and reunions across the five colleges. For more information please see a list of local accommodations.

Children and Families

Reunion includes a number of family-friendly programs. These events are designed for families to participate together, and children cannot attend without a parent or guardian present. As Reunion approaches, check the schedule for more information about what is being planned for this year.

Please note that minors visiting campus should be supervised at all times by an accompanying adult.        
The College will not be offering a Reunion childcare program. If parents or groups of families privately contract with babysitters to watch their children while they are at events, that arrangement is between the parent and babysitter, and beyond the scope of what a class or the College can provide. The College also cannot provide lists of names of local sitters, or our student workers. We do suggest checking out websites like Sittercity.com and Care.com. Please note: Care.com and Sittercity.com are private for-profit businesses and are in no way affiliated with Amherst College.

Food and Refreshments On Campus

For many meals that are not provided by classes, alumni can purchase meals at Valentine Hall during Reunion weekend. (Please note: Valentine will not be open for dinner on Saturday evening as class banquets are being held.) Prices and hours will be posted online and in the final Reunion brochure. 

Many of the cafés on campus are also open at various times throughout Reunion. Full schedules will be published in the Reunion program.

The Reception Center offers light refreshments (coffee, tea and snacks) during its hours of operation. On Saturday, there is also a complimentary Reunion Luncheon offered on the Valentine Quad for all alumni and guests.

Safety and Security


Security is always an important issue when so many guests are on campus for Reunion. In the past, there have been incidents of reported theft from class headquarters and program sites. The College cannot assume liability for such items and classes have had to cover the cost of replacing stolen goods that are rented from vendors.

A locked storage room is available in headquarters for each class and keys will be given to the Reunion Chair upon their arrival on campus. In addition to materials for your bar, we strongly encourage you to use this room to secure souvenirs, AV equipment, helium tanks or anything else you may have borrowed or rented for Reunion. Please also encourage classmates to keep their rooms locked at all times.

Lost and Found

During Reunion, articles found on campus can be turned in at the Reception Center, where they will be held until Sunday morning. At this time, all unclaimed items will be brought to the Amherst College Police station and held for 30 days. If you believe you have left something behind on campus, please call the police station business line at 413-542-2291.

Weapons and Fireworks

It is a criminal offense for anyone to carry a firearm or other dangerous weapon on any College property. Under the state’s strict gun control law, those caught with unlicensed guns face a mandatory one-year minimum sentence upon conviction. Violations of the state law on firearms and other dangerous weapons are considered extremely serious and may lead to criminal charges, including arrest. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts also prohibits the possession and discharging of any type of fireworks, including sparklers.


All alcohol must be served by a TIPS-certified bartender. BYO parties and no-host bars are not permitted on the campus. Please see "Alcohol, What You Need to Know" for detailed information on alcohol service on campus.

AA Program

An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting may be available on campus Friday and Saturday. There are also many meetings in the local area. Specific information will be provided in the final program.


Please note that the use of cannabis is prohibited on the Amherst College campus and in public spaces in the Town of Amherst.

Your Class Liaison

Your Class Liaison

Class liaisons are staff members in Alumni and Constituent Engagement who provide planning support to Reunion Chairs and committee volunteers throughout the planning process. Liaisons typically begin their work with a class in the summer prior to their next Reunion. Class liaisons are included in Reunion planning meetings and provide data, historical information, advice and other resources as they guide the class through the planning year.

Class liaisons provide and assist with the following:

  • Scheduling and attending Reunion Planning Committee meetings
  • Preparing and sending class and committee correspondence (in concert with Advancement Communications)
  • Updating class account information; processing invoices and reimbursements; sample budgets
  • Past invoice and schedule information for planning purposes
  • Class lists for Attendance Committee and program speaker planning
  • Consulting on program ideas and offering suggestions; coordinating all faculty invitations for programs
  • Coordinating class assistant schedules 
  • Coordinating with Amherst College catering for food and supply orders (if applicable)
  • Details about resources at headquarters
  • Space reservations for recreational and private programs (all room assignments are made by Alumni and Constituent Engagement staff)
  • General support and guidance

Class liaisons are not able to help with the following:

  • Hotel blocks for classmates staying off campus
  • Hiring performers or facilitating auditions for performances at Reunion
  • Reunion Books (outside of the 25th and 50th Reunion classes)
  • Compiling class survey or questionnaire results
  • Contact information for Emeritus faculty (if not publicly available on College website)

Alumni and Constituent Staff Contact Information

Mailing Address:       
Alumni and Constituent Engagement       
Amherst College       
P.O. Box 5000       
Amherst, MA 01002-5000

Receptionist: 413-542-2313       
Fax: 413-542-2042       
email: alumni@amherst.edu

Shipping Address:       
Alumni and Constituent Engagement       
Amherst College       
Smith House       
22 Hitchcock Road       
Amherst, MA 01002

Class Liaisons:       
harry barrick       
Assistant Director of Strategic Alumni Engagement       

Katie DeBeer       
Director of Strategic Alumni Engagement       

Kate Fecher       
Associate Director of Reunion and On-Campus Programs        

Sara Kibbey       
Associate Director of Strategic Alumni Engagement       

Jessica Ortiz        
Director of Reunion and On-Campus Programs        

Program Coordinators:

Stefanie Dorfman
Coordinator of Reunion and On-Campus Programs

Sharon Sodano        
Coordinator of Strategic Alumni Engagement        

Aifer Talibi       
Coordinator of Strategic Alumni Engagement        

Reunion Chair Responsibilities

Building a Team

The first task of the Reunion Chair is to recruit your classmates to form a Reunion Planning Committee and think about potential committee chairs. Committees should begin to form well before Reunion, typically six to nine months in advance. Recruiting volunteers can be time-consuming, but the process is well worth the effort.

Coordinating a strong team is your main priority. It is important to bring a wide variety of classmates into the committees to ensure that your Reunion reflects the diverse identities, interests and talents of your class. Specific responsibilities of committee chairs are described in the following sections. Talk with your classmates, share the descriptions in this book, identify the best candidates for each position and start recruiting early!

It is important to plan a class conference call or virtual meeting in October or November. During this call/meeting, you will want to discuss how to recruit additional volunteers as needed, review the budget, set class fees and begin inviting speakers and coordinating programs. Work with your liaison in Alumni and Constituent Engagement to help set up this call/meeting. 

Getting the Word Out: Communication Options

Working with the Attendance Committee and your Web Editor/Social Media Chair, you will want to promote Reunion in regular correspondence on your class website, social media pages (if your class uses them) and other class communication channels. While publicity alone cannot guarantee good attendance, it will certainly make a big difference.

You will work with your class liaison in Alumni and Constituent Engagement to prepare and send class and committee correspondence. We will format and send communication to your classmates via email or postal mail. Stationery and webpages listing the Reunion Chair and committee members will also be prepared by our office. All Reunion communications will also be reviewed by the Director of Advancement Communications and must follow the College’s Visual Identity Toolkit; should we need to make edits to your communications, we will share those edits with you before sending your letter or email. Please see the suggested communications timeline.

Class Assistants

Class Assistants are current Amherst students who play an important role in the implementation of Reunion. The Reunion Chair often works with the Headquarters Committee to support your Class Assistants. Class Assistants are responsible for setting up your tables and chairs at headquarters on Friday (or earlier if your class festivities require) and taking them down and stacking them on Sunday. They also will work at headquarters periodically throughout the weekend, helping with campus errands and miscellaneous jobs, and they may also tend bar. All Class Assistants who tend bar will have attended the alcohol safety training course (TIPS) provided by the College. The College may also hire professional bartenders who are TIPS-certified to manage needs on Friday and Saturday nights. Please see the Headquarters Committee description below for more information.

Headquarters and On-Campus Housing

The Reunion Chair will be asked to provide a list of classmates who should be housed at headquarters, space permitting. This list will be due March 15 and often includes the Reunion Committee members who are staying on campus. Alumni staying at headquarters still need to register and pay for housing. The on-campus housing fee is waived for Reunion Chairs and one guest. Registration is still necessary, and Reunion Chairs will receive special instructions on how to register without paying the on-campus housing fee.

Committee Descriptions and Duties

Finance Committee

This committee is usually chaired by the Class Treasurer, who coordinates with the Reunion Chair to establish and maintain a balanced budget. The class fee should be set high enough to cover all anticipated expenses but not so high as to deter attendance (view a table of past fees). If your class desires to offset costs for classmates for whom registration fees are prohibitive, you may want to build a small fund into your budget to support this effort. There are a number of options that can be offered by your class as far as registration fee categories, but there are also some restrictions and guidelines. Communicate with your class liaison to have the options you select included on the online registration form. Once the fee is set, it is not possible to change registration fee amounts. The College will assess a small registration fee ($10 for guests aged 13 and older, $5 for guests aged 4–12) in addition to class fees.

You will need to have fees set for the following categories of attendees by December 1:

  • Registering Alumnus/a
  • Guest who is an alumnus/a or Amherst student
  • Non-alumni guests
  • Widow/ers
  • Children aged 13-17
  • Children aged 4-12
  • Children 3 and under

You will also need to submit a fee statement to describe what’s included in class fees, which will be displayed to your classmates as they complete Reunion registration. You may choose to use one of these examples:    

  • Class fees include dinner on Friday and Saturday night, light breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, open bar, entertainment and a souvenir.
  • Class fees include dinner on Friday and Saturday night, open bar, entertainment and a souvenir.
  • Class fees include dinner on Friday and Saturday night, open bar and entertainment.

Copies of income and expense summaries from previous classes are available from Alumni and Constituent Engagement. While these financial reports are not exact guides, they are useful in the planning process. The most common problems are the following:

  • Undercharging: Since the College cannot defray class costs for Class Reunions, some classes have had to ask classmates for additional contributions after Reunion (or make up any shortage themselves) because the fee charged did not cover costs. Plan carefully and build a generous cushion into your budget for expenses that may be higher than anticipated. Make a conservative estimate of the number of classmates and guests likely to attend when establishing a budget (see attendance histories as reference).
  • Incomplete Collection of Fees: The College will provide you with regular updates of who has registered and will supply a final list at your headquarters. It is up to the Class Treasurer and other class officers to note any attendees who do not appear on the final list of registered classmates and request that they register and pay the class fee.
  • Extravagance: Lavish dinners, expensive entertainment and excessive souvenirs require fees that could turn some away. Unless you have an overwhelming mandate from the class, focus on keeping the expenses down to enable as many classmates as possible to participate. 

Class Bank Accounts

The College holds agency accounts for Reunion classes. Funds collected online (for Reunion registration) are directly deposited into class accounts. Checks sent in with paper registration fees are mailed directly to the College and should be made out to “Amherst College Class of XXXX.”

The funds in these accounts remain wholly owned by the class, and therefore are not tax exempt. Each class, through its designated representative (Treasurer) has the authority to set class Reunion registration fees, and raise and expend funds on behalf of the class.

Alumni registering for Reunion complete a single registration form with a single payment for class activities and College on-campus housing. The single payment is deposited by the College into the appropriate accounts.

All invoices should be submitted to your class liaison in Alumni and Constituent Engagement for payment. To be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses, be sure to submit receipts. It generally takes two weeks for checks to be processed and mailed by the College; however, it may take longer in the weeks directly before and after Reunion, due to the volume of requests. Please keep these time restrictions in mind when planning with vendors. If you are working with a vendor that has not previously done business with Amherst College, please have them submit a federal W-9 form with their invoice.

Your class liaison will provide your class officers with updated class account information, usually on a monthly basis, with more frequent reports as necessary. Alumni and Constituent Engagement will email a current registration list, with fees paid, each Friday following the opening of Reunion registration. 

Program Committee


  • We hope for each class to plan or sponsor up to three programs (five for the 25th and 50th Reunion classes). 
  • Available program time and campus program space may limit the addition of programs beyond these three. If your class wants to pursue more than three programs you will need to discuss this with your class liaison prior to the program submission deadline.
  • Program length cannot exceed 60 minutes.
  • Alumni and Constituent Engagement will schedule times and locations.
  • Class programs will be scheduled on both Friday and Saturday.
  • We try to not schedule class programs against each other.
  • March 1 is the deadline for submitting program information to Alumni and Constituent Engagement and for AV requests. Rooms will be assigned in part related to the equipment requested.
  • Use our Program Form (print-friendly PDF or online) to help plan class programs.


This committee is responsible for developing class-sponsored panels and lectures that foster intellectual engagement, community and connection. These Friday and Saturday programs are a key piece of the Reunion experience and include many different presentations and panels, as well as activities such as book signings, wine tastings and concerts. Programs should run no more than 60 minutes, including time for questions and answers. There will be 15 to 30 minutes between each program to allow for generous travel times between buildings. We recommend that each class sponsor up to three programs, with five program spaces offered for the 25th and 50th Reunion classes. Due to timing and space considerations, if more than three class programs are desired, you will need to discuss this with your class liaison prior to the program submission deadline. There are five available slots for public class programs on Friday (9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1 p.m., 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m.) and four on Saturday (9 a.m., 10:15 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 3 p.m.). Classes are welcome to add additional private programs between 5:15 and 8 p.m. on Friday and 4:15 and 8 p.m. on Saturday, and other private or public programs like concerts and screenings after 8 p.m.

Choosing Topics and Participants

An extraordinary collection of individuals gathers for Reunion—alumni, their families and guests, as well as a number of faculty, staff and current students. The mix of interests, abilities, professions, avocations and characters is amazing. The goal is to find those classmates who, alone or with others, can create engaging, intellectually stimulating programs for your class. Some classes also feature spouses or family members as speakers and panelists. Your class liaison will work with you to help provide suggestions and lists of classmates.

As you develop program topics, consider what will be meaningful for your class. Programs should bring out the best in participants and contribute positively to the community experience of Reunion. As you plan, note that public class programs are open to all Reunion participants, the student body and community members. Please keep this in mind as you consider inviting classmates who have a high profile or may have specific safety and security needs.

If you are considering involving a faculty member as part of a class program, please be sure to discuss this first with your class liaison. Our office is just one of many departments within the College to invite faculty members to give College-sponsored lectures, and we must coordinate these requests to ensure that no one faculty member is approached with too many. Alumni and Constituent Engagement also may be able to suggest certain faculty with expertise in a particular area. Senior administrators at the College reserve time for College-sponsored programs and are very rarely available for participation in class-sponsored programs. Students are also not available to participate in class-sponsored programs during Reunion. 

College-Sponsored Programs

The College sponsors a variety of programs to meet general alumni interest across classes and to share important updates. These may include both faculty and staff speakers. In some instances, alumni give College-sponsored lectures in addition to being featured in a class-sponsored program. If we plan to ask one of your classmates to give a lecture, we will share this with the program committee.

Confirming Program Needs

In late January, class liaisons will email a form (print-friendly PDF or online) to program chairs requesting information on the programs your class has planned. You will also be asked to schedule a check-in call with your class liaison to discuss program progress. Program titles, speakers’ names and any audio-visual requirements must be confirmed by March 1. It is essential that AV requests for class programs be accurate, as the College cannot ensure that last-minute requests will be met, and rooms are assigned with consideration for particular AV needs.

Alumni and Constituent Engagement will assign times and locations for class programs based on the information submitted on program forms. We will assume that all speakers are available Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, unless it is noted that a speaker will be unavailable at a particular time. Please confirm availability and any setup requests with presenters prior to submitting your program forms.

By early April, a draft schedule will be sent to program chairs and participants. This provides them with an opportunity to review the information and make any necessary revisions. For a general outline of Reunion activities, please refer to the General Reunion Schedule above.

Attendance Committee

This committee is responsible for inspiring classmates to return for Reunion and can work with the Reunion Chair on communications to the class. We have found that personal calls and emails are most effective in driving Reunion attendance. The chair will need to recruit callers and divide the class into telephone and email trees. If possible, all classmates and widows/widowers should be assigned to callers who know them. Alumni and Constituent Engagement can provide current contact information. We do not recommend using the Associate Class Agent network as a telephone tree, but Agents can certainly mention Reunion in their Amherst Fund phone calls. This person-to-person outreach is essential in assuring a robust turnout. Personal calls and notes make all the difference. View class attendance histories.

Alumni and Constituent Engagement will email a current registration list each Friday following the opening of Reunion registration. The Reunion Attendance Trophy is awarded to the class with the highest percentage of classmates returning to campus. Please remind classmates to check in at the Reception Center by 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon so that they will be included in the counts to determine the trophy winner.


  • Ask classmates to provide the College with email addresses. The more email addresses we have, the more easily you and the College can communicate with your classmates about Reunion.
  • Your class website, Facebook pages and other social media sites are a great way to keep your class updated about Reunion plans. The class Web Editor/Social Media Chair should serve on the Attendance Committee if at all possible.

Headquarters Committee

This committee will coordinate Class Assistants, tents, distribution of souvenirs, decorations and other logistical needs at headquarters. A classmate who lives within easy driving distance of Amherst is ideal as a member of this committee. Please see the Safety and Security section above for more information.


Few headquarters have large indoor spaces, so most classes will host their celebrations in tents. Some classes also rent a separate smaller tent (20’x20’) for their caterer. Due to safety and liability concerns regarding setup and take down of tents, and coordinating vendor access to sites, each headquarters has been matched with a tent supplier with experience at Amherst and with Reunion. Please be in touch with your class liaison to learn more about tent arrangements at your headquarters.

Due to underground utilities, accessibility and other considerations, there are limited places where tents can be erected on campus. Tent setup times will be coordinated with the availability of Facilities personnel and based on the class schedule of events. Facilities staff will meet the tent supplier on site to ensure that stakes are driven into safe areas and will coordinate tent permits and insurance paperwork.

The College supplies safety lighting for tents at no charge, and there will be electricity available in most tents. However, the power available at each outdoor location is limited. Please check with your class liaison before planning any outdoor activities—such as bands or special catering needs—that may require extra power.

Tent Size Guidelines:

Tent SizeCapacity*
20’ x 20’Caterer or 30 people
20’ x 40’60 people
30’ x 50’110 people
30’ x 60’130 people
30’ x 70’155 people
40’ x 60’175 people
30’ x 90’200 people
40’ x 80’250 people
60’ x 60’275 people

*Accommodates: cocktail reception with bar set-up and buffet dinner with seating.

Chairs and Tables

The College supplies chairs and 8-foot rectangular tables at no charge. Each table seats eight people. Please remember that tablecloths are not provided (see the Food & Beverage and Saturday Banquet sections). Facilities will provide enough tables for your estimated attendance, as well as an additional 16 tables for other needs (catering, food, DJ, etc.). Your Class Assistants are responsible for setting up/taking down tables and chairs.

Compost, Recycling and Trash Barrels and Bulletin Boards

These are provided by the College at no charge. Each headquarters will be supplied with two bulletin boards and compost, recycling and trash cans. Extension cords are available by request.


This is a great job for an individual on the Headquarters Committee. Don’t forget that when you arrive, you will be walking into sparsely-furnished rooms. Classes can create a more festive environment for people to gather by decorating. Alumni and Constituent Engagement staff will be happy to suggest some inexpensive ways to decorate.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Basic PA systems with a microphone are available on a limited basis, and are generally reserved for the 50th and post-50th Reunion classes. If you are hiring a DJ or band, most will offer you use of a microphone. If you require a PA system, projector and screen, speakers, stereo system, DVD player, extra refrigerator, etc. for headquarters, a member of the class should provide those items or rent them locally (view a list of potential suppliers). Please keep in mind that certain types of multimedia presentations can be difficult to manage inside tents due to wind, lighting, etc. If you are planning a multimedia presentation at headquarters, please be in touch with your liaison as soon as possible to discuss options. 

Other Supplies

Reunion Chairs can pick up the following materials in their “headquarters bucket” when they check-in at the Reception Center, or they can arrange to have Class Assistants do so.    

This bucket of supplies includes:

  • Safe storage room keys
  • Push pins, purple pens, markers and paper
  • Campus maps
  • Name tags for Class Assistants
  • Final programs and class schedules
  • Tape
Class Assistants

Alumni and Constituent Engagement hires and provides housing for Class Assistants. Class Assistants are responsible for setting up your tables and chairs at headquarters on Friday (or earlier if your class festivities require) and taking them down and stacking them on Sunday. They also will work at headquarters periodically throughout the weekend, helping with campus errands and miscellaneous jobs, and they may also tend bar. All Class Assistants who tend bar will have attended the alcohol safety training course (TIPS) provided by the College. The College may also hire professional bartenders who are TIPS-certified to manage needs on Friday and Saturday nights. Please carefully read the Alcohol section in the Food and Beverage Committee description below for more information about the College’s policies. Students are paid hourly by the College. Tips are optional, though most classes have traditionally given each assistant at least $100-$150 as a tip. Your class liaison can provide more information regarding how to plan for your Class Assistants when creating your budget.

Class liaisons will work with you to determine hours for coverage at your Headquarters. You should plan to hold an initial meeting with your class liaison and Class Assistants when you arrive on campus, prior to their starting work with your class.

The students’ last job will be to make sure all chairs and tables are stacked neatly outside the tent for pickup on Sunday. The tent rental companies dismantle the tents before Facilities collects chairs and tables.

Class Assistants are hired and trained to take their jobs seriously, and to follow the rules and regulations of Reunion and our college campus. We appreciate the roles that Reunion volunteers play in supporting these students in their important work.

Food and Beverage Committee

This committee is responsible for providing an adequate and timely supply of food/drinks at headquarters.


If classes wish to supplement the regular meals available for a fee at Valentine, Amherst College Caterers or one of the other approved local caterers may be able to cater at headquarters or supply informal buffets, barbeques and platters for pick-up over the weekend. Reunion volunteers will receive the previous year’s menu from Amherst College Catering in the fall; as prices may change, an updated one will also be mailed in the spring. In recent years, many classes have chosen to utilize takeout options or have food delivered to headquarters instead of having it prepared by a caterer on site. Most classes have an open bar and dinner Friday evening, a continental breakfast Saturday morning, a more formal cocktail reception, dinner and party Saturday evening and a brunch or continental breakfast Sunday morning. Some begin Thursday evening with an optional dinner or a more casual buffet. If you intend to serve dinner on Thursday evening, please let your class liaison know as soon as possible. 

Tablecloths and Paper Goods

Please remember that while the College does provide tables and chairs for your headquarters, it does not provide tablecloths. You should communicate with your caterer to determine what they will be providing. The College strongly encourages the use of compostable tableware, including plates, cups, napkins and utensils. In addition to food, you can purchase compostable Amherst-branded cups, compostable plates, napkins and utensils, as well as purple disposable tablecloths from Amherst College Catering. Class Assistants can pick up more of these items at the Valentine loading dock, when it is open, throughout the weekend. Classes can also source compostable products through caterers and other outside vendors.


Class Assistants are able to pick up ice from Valentine Catering during set hours for use in soft and mixed drinks. Ice is not available to cool kegs. Please arrange with your bar supplier to purchase ice for your kegs. You must also arrange for a cooler to transport ice from Valentine and keep ice cold behind the bar.


You will need to decide if you want to offer a full bar throughout the weekend, or simply provide beer, wine and soft drinks. We suggest you order a good supply of soft drinks, bottled water and other non-alcoholic beverages. Many alumni will bring their children to Reunion and will want child-friendly drinks (including non-caffeinated options). Arrangements for all beverages should be made directly with the supplier. Please make arrangements to have your kegs returned or collected at the end of the weekend. The College cannot be responsible for empty keg shells. Each headquarters will be provided with a bar kit from the College with an ice bowl, scoop, bar rag, corkscrew, shot measurer and water pitcher. You should plan for any garnishes you will want behind your bar as well as the equipment to prepare them (knives, cutting boards, etc.).

Alcohol: What You Need to Know

Bar Hours

Bars at headquarters will close no later than 12:30 a.m., with last call taking place at midnight. Guests may remain in the tent/venue, but all bar materials must be secured immediately after bar closure. Contracts for entertainment vendors must conclude no later than 1 a.m.

Who can pour?

For safety and liability reasons, no alcoholic beverages may be served at functions on College property (including Reunion bars) by anyone except TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) certified servers. BYOB events are not allowed under College policy. Alumni and Constituent Engagement will hire Class Assistants for your class and will ensure that those who tend bar will have undergone TIPS training. The College may also hire professional bartenders. All alcoholic beverages—including beer, in kegs or otherwise—must be kept behind the bar and be served by a trained person. 

Who can drink?

No one under 21 may be served. Class Assistants and bartenders are instructed not to serve any students who are 21 or older, unless that student is a guest of the class (your class budget does not need to subsidize the weekend for student workers at Reunion). If you are hosting student guests who are of age and would like them to be served, please let your Class Assistants and/or bartenders know and they will card and serve them according to TIPS regulations. It is a state law that parents may not serve alcohol to their underage children on a licensed premise, which the campus is.

IMPORTANT: Reunion volunteers have a responsibility to back up Class Assistants and bartenders if they determine that it is unsafe or unwise to further serve a guest. Plan to designate one person each night from your committee who can be a backup to the servers if they need help managing a classmate who needs to slow or stop their consumption of alcohol in order to be safe. The students and bartenders will have emergency numbers at their bar including Alumni and Constituent Engagement staff and Campus Police to call if they have concerns or there is an issue of safety. The College and your student/professional servers share potential liability for any alcohol safety issues that may arise. 

Bar Setup

Bar setups must be arranged so that bar materials can be stored on a secure back bar (e.g. tent flaps behind an outdoor bar/a wall behind an indoor bar). Food and Beverage Chairs will be provided with diagrams of recommended setups for each headquarters location. 

Other information

Cash bars are unlawful without a specific license and cannot be permitted at Reunion. This includes the selling of tickets separate from a bar but used for redemption at a bar. This does not include the establishment of some charge for beverages incorporated in a class total Reunion fee structure. You can, therefore, include beverages as a budget item—along with food, entertainment, tent, souvenirs, etc.—when setting a class fee.

The Town of Amherst strictly enforces its “open container” law. It prohibits the public consumption or conveyance of alcohol in open containers. Do not walk on the streets or sidewalks or appear on the town common with an alcoholic beverage in your hand. Do not drive with any open containers in your vehicle.

The Town of Amherst requires a license for all kegs. Alumni and Constituent Engagement will obtain a keg license to cover all Reunion classes. 

Saturday Banquet Committee

This committee organizes the most formal and well-attended event of Reunion. Some classes have found that it is easier to have the Food and Beverage Committee take on this function. Banquets are most often held at your headquarters; generally post-60th Class Banquets are held in Valentine Hall. Most 50th and post-50th banquets are catered by Amherst College Catering. They will help you choose menus and all other details necessary for a wonderful meal for you and your classmates. For classes that are not working with Amherst College Catering, please refer to a list of vendors for more information on local caterers. You are welcome to contact a caterer that is not on the College’s list of approved caterers, but we will need to be in touch with them regarding certifications and permits. Again, be sure to determine exactly what they will provide for you as part of your contract (tablecloths, dinnerware, beverages, etc.).

In addition to the food, you will need to organize the program for the evening. Featured speakers are often members of the class. All speakers should be encouraged to make their remarks fairly brief. The banquet is also often the time for a short business meeting of the class—including the election or announcement of class officers for the next five years (if applicable) and an announcement of the class gift to date. 

Entertainment Committee

This committee is responsible for coordinating music/entertainment at headquarters within the class budget. They work closely with the Recreation Committee to ensure that interests of all age groups are considered and that there are back-up plans (indoor games, alternative entertainment, etc.) in case of rain.

DJs have been used with success by many classes—volume is easily controlled, set-up is nominal, musical selection is varied and the show can move inside if necessary.

Live bands are good too, but space demands are greater and the noise level often higher. Amherst does not provide pianos or sound equipment for bands. If you wish to rent a piano or other AV equipment, contact a local vendor.

Although there are several first-rate student a cappella groups at the College, they are not necessarily available to perform during Reunion. We can provide you with names of the business managers of all the groups and can help with determining who will be on campus during Reunion.

Note: Amherst College is in the middle of a residential area and neighbors are not always tolerant of loud music at night. The town of Amherst enforces its bylaw addressing noise (see text below) and loud parties have frequently been shut down, so you should take this into consideration when you plan your entertainment. 

Unlawful Noises Prohibited:   
The playing of any radio, phonograph, television set, amplified or musical instruments, loudspeakers, tape recorder or other electronic sound-producing devices, in such a manner or with volume at any time or place so as to annoy or disturb the reasonable quiet, comfort or repose of persons in any dwelling, hotel, hospital or other type of residence, or in any office or of any person in the vicinity.   
—Town of Amherst Bylaws

Bars at headquarters will close no later than 12:30 a.m., with last call taking place at midnight. Guests may remain in the tent/venue, but all bar materials must be secured immediately after bar closure. Contracts for entertainment vendors must conclude no later than 1 a.m.   
Expenses incurred for DJs, bands, musical equipment rental, a cappella groups and any other general entertainment are the responsibility of the class and should be included in your class budget.

Souvenir Committee

If the class wants to provide mementos for classmates and, if you so choose, their families, this committee is responsible for doing so. Some classes choose instead to lower their class fee or to spend more of the fee on banquets rather than ordering souvenirs. See a list of potential suppliers, though you may of course work with whomever you choose. Amherst College has a trademarked visual identity; please ensure that your class souvenirs adhere to these guidelines. Alumni and Constituent Engagement will provide you with the appropriate high-resolution Amherst artwork or photography for your souvenir. It has been our experience that souvenirs requiring specific sizes can be difficult to manage. Non-size-specific souvenirs are often more successful.

Please Note: Amherst purple is PANTONE 267. Complementing purples are 2627, 2655 and 2645.

If you order from an out-of-town supplier, Alumni and Constituent Engagement can store your souvenirs until you arrive for Reunion.

Please have these packages sent (Attn. Class of XXXX) to:   
Alumni and Constituent Engagement, Amherst College   
22 Hitchcock Road    
Amherst, MA 01002

Recreation Committee (Optional)

This committee coordinates outdoor activities either around headquarters or at the athletic facilities. Some classes may want to organize softball games, a tennis round-robin or a fun run. 

If you want to reserve an athletic field or facility on campus, let Alumni and Constituent Engagement know as soon as possible. Nearby golf courses are in the Suppliers and Vendors section below, should the class wish to host a golf outing during Reunion. Open hours at Alumni Gym and the Wolff Fitness Center will be listed in the Reunion program. Some sporting equipment can be requested through Alumni and Constituent Engagement with advance notice. There is a limited supply of athletic equipment, so put in your request early. The equipment room is not open on Saturday or Sunday, so you will need to arrange what you need with your class liaison. Plan activities for diverse ages, interests and abilities.

This committee should coordinate with the Entertainment and Program Committees in order to avoid scheduling conflicts and to provide alternate activities in the event of bad weather.

Questionnaire Committee (Optional)

This committee is responsible for gathering and disseminating information about the class. More than just a tabulation of the number of spouses, children, jobs, residences, etc., a stimulating report can include such items as political and economic views, national and local concerns, outside interests, hobbies and volunteer activities.

Questionnaire results can be distributed in advance or presented at Reunion. The committee is responsible for tabulating responses and creating a report. 

Book Editor (for 25th and 50th Reunions)

The Book Editor works closely with the class liaison and the chosen vendor to organize, edit and oversee the production of the Reunion book, including the collection of submissions and photos from classmates. The Editor has one of the most rewarding jobs on the Reunion committee and also one of the most time-consuming. Reunion books are part of the reason attendance approaches or exceeds 50 percent. These books make fascinating reading and are guaranteed to generate enthusiasm for Reunion. Encouraging classmates to make submissions takes many hours, but the main ingredient for success is a hard-working Editor.

Sometimes other Reunion classes have funded and distributed reflections from classmates. These books are printed and bound simply, but can serve the same purpose of generating enthusiasm if they are mailed well in advance of the Reunion.

Class Officer Nominations

Information about class officer nominations will be sent to Reunion Chairs, Presidents and Vice Presidents of all Reunion classes in February. New class officers should be chosen by Reunion, and your class liaison will help to support this effort.

The outgoing Reunion Chair should confirm the names of the new officers with Alumni and Constituent Engagement immediately following Reunion.

Additional Resources

Commonly Used Forms

The forms listed below are commonly used throughout the Reunion planning process.

Please contact Alumni and Constituent Engagement if you have questions or would like more information.

Reunion Statistics and Information

Select one of the links below to view information and statistics for past Reunions (printer-friendly PDF files). This information may be helpful when considering what fees to charge as well as your attendance goals and expectations.

Please contact Alumni and Constituent Engagement if you have questions or would like more information.

Suppliers and Vendors

This list is intended to serve as a guide to services in the Amherst area and does not represent any recommendations by Amherst College.


All requests for the use of College resources (athletic equipment and fields) should be submitted to your class liaison in the Alumni Office.

Audio Visual

ATC Audio Video Lighting, West Springfield, MA       
413-781-2327; info@atcav.com

Wassmann Audio Video, Inc., Whately, MA       
800-286-9744; wassmannav@wassmannav.com

Amherst College       
In most cases the College will supply audio visual equipment for programs during the day, unless the request is very unusual. Some equipment may be available for headquarters if an individual accepts full responsibility for loss or damage. Contact your class liaison for more information about College-owned A/V equipment.


The businesses listed will deliver to the Amherst campus unless otherwise noted.

Amherst Wines and Spirits, Amherst, MA       

Four Seasons Wine and Liquor, Hadley, MA       

Liquors 44, Hadley, MA       

Russell’s Liquors, Amherst, MA       

The People's Pint (Alden Booth '83), Greenfield, MA       
413-773-0333; alden@thepeoplespint.com


Amherst College Catering, Amherst College       

Outside Caterers       
Note: Any caterer working on campus must be licensed to cater in the Town of Amherst and be approved by the College. This approval process is managed by the College's Environmental Health and Safety department. Visit the list of approved caterers.

Please check with your class liaison before using any caterer not on this list. The businesses listed vary in price; be sure to discuss your budget in detail before choosing a caterer.


Accent Banner (banners), Medford, MA       
800-367-3710; info@accentbanner.com

Atkins Farms Country Market (flowers), Amherst, MA       
413-253-9528; info@atkinsfarms.com

Big Y (balloons, flowers, paper goods), Amherst, MA       

Michael’s Craft Stores, Hadley, MA       

Stop & Shop (balloons, flowers, paper goods), Hadley, MA       

Sunraise Printing (banners), Hadley, MA       

Target, Hadley, MA       

Walmart, Hadley, MA       


Amherst College A Cappella Groups

Please contact your class liaison to request the contact information for the current business manager for each group.

Route 9       

Disc Jockeys

DJ Dennis Productions, Springfield, MA       
413-222-6703; DJDennisPr@aol.com

Joan Holliday, Northampton, MA       
860-989-9336; joanholliday333@gmail.com

Party Zone, Westfield, MA       
413-283-2238; stephandj@comcast.net

Peterson Productions, Western MA       
(413) 341-3481; petersonprodj@gmail.com

Live Music

Cover Story, Manomet, MA       
954-494-4438; thecoverstoryband@gmail.com

Looney Tunes, Western MA       
413-330-4692; midiperc@gmail.com

Williams Reunion Jazz Band, Williamstown, MA       
Contact John Bucher Amherst '52 at Jmbuchorn@aol.com

Yachtly Cruise, Western MA
413-330-4692; YachtlyCruise@gmail.com

Piano and Keyboard Rentals

Downtown Sounds, Northampton, MA       
413-586-0998; info@downtownsounds.com

Falcetti Music, Springfield, MA       
413-543-1002; Contact Falcetti Music


Animal Adventures (wild animal show for kids), Bolton, MA       
978-779-8998; info@animaladventures.net

The Party Fun (carnival), North Andover, MA       
(978) 300-8487; thepartyfun@live.com

Taylor Rental (generators, etc.), Hadley, MA       
413-584-4184; nickf@taylorrental.net

Outdoor Activities

Golf Courses

Please call in advance to obtain greens fees and arrange for tee times.

Amherst Golf Club (9 holes), Amherst, MA       
413-256-6894; info@amherstgolfclub.org

Cherry Hill Golf Course (9 holes), Amherst, MA       
413-658-4654; rec@amherstma.gov

Ledges Golf Club (18 holes), South Hadley, MA       
413-532-2307; mfontaine@ledgesgc.com

Bicycle Rentals

Competitive Edge Ski & Bike, Easthampton, MA       
413-538-7662; compedgeholyoke@yahoo.com

Hampshire Bicycle Exchange, Amherst, MA       
413-549-6575; hampshirebicycle@gmail.com

Laughing Dog Cyclery, Amherst, MA       
413-253-7722; info@laughingdogbicycles.com

Valley Bike and Ski Werks, Hadley, MA       
413-582-0733; info@valleybikeandskiwerks.com


Zoar Outdoor Whitewater Rafting (Bruce Lessel ’83), Charlemont, MA       
413-339-4010; info@zoaroutdoor.com


Amherst College Online Store

Discountmugs.com, Miami, FL       
800-579-7152; support@discountmugs.com

Enviro-Tote Incorporated, Londonderry, NH       
800-868-3224; customerservice@enviro-tote.com

ePromos, New York, NY       
877-377-6667; customerservice@epromos.com

Inter-all Corporation, Granby, MA       

IZA Design Custom Shirts, Stow, MA       
888-492-8337; iza@izadesign.com

Legacy Athletics, Hanover, PA       
800-627-3244; info@legacycaps.com

Silver Screen Design, Greenfield, MA       
800-593-4052; orders@silverscreendesign.com

Stratton-Crooke Enterprises, Scarsdale, NY       
800-732-9719; strattoncrooke@aol.com

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