Building a Team

The first task of the Reunion Chair is to recruit your classmates to form a Reunion planning committee and think about potential committee chairs. Committees should begin to form well before Reunion, typically a year ahead. Recruiting volunteers can be time-consuming, but the process is well worth the effort.

Coordinating a strong team is your main priority. It is important to bring a wide variety of classmates into the committees to ensure that your Reunion reflects the diverse interests and talents of your class. Specific responsibilities of committee chairs are described here, and a worksheet for assigning these positions is also available. Talk with your classmates, share the descriptions in this book, identify the best candidates for each position and start recruiting early.

It is important to plan a class conference call in October or November and/or hold a Reunion planning meeting at Homecoming. During this call/meeting you will want to discuss how to recruit additional volunteers as needed, review the budget, set class fees, and begin inviting speakers and coordinating programs. Work with your liaison in Alumni and Parent Programs to help set up this call/meeting.

Getting the Word Out: Communication Options

Working with the Attendance Committee and your social media/Web editor, you will want to promote Reunion in regular correspondence, on your class website, class Listserv and on social media pages (if your class uses them). While publicity alone cannot guarantee good attendance, it will certainly make a big difference.

You will work with your class liaison in Alumni and Parent Programs to prepare and send class and committee correspondence. We will format and send letters to your classmates via email or postal mail. Stationery and webpages listing the Reunion Chair and committee members will also be prepared by our office. Please see the suggested communication timeline.

Headquarters and On-campus Housing

The Reunion Chair often works with the Headquarters Committee to supervise and support your Class Assistants. The chair will also be asked to provide a list of classmates who should be housed at headquarters, space permitting. This list will be due March 1 and often includes the Reunion Committee members who are staying on-campus. Alumni staying at headquarters still need to register and pay for housing. The on-campus housing fee is waived for Reunion Chairs and their families. Registration is still necessary.