This committee is responsible for inspiring classmates to return for Reunion and can work with the Reunion Chair on communications to the class. We have found that personal calls and emails are most effective in driving Reunion attendance. The chair will need to recruit callers and divide the class into telephone and email trees. If possible, all classmates and widows/widowers should be assigned to callers who know them. Alumni and Parent Programs can provide current contact information. We do not recommend using the Associate Class Agent network as a telephone tree, but Agents can certainly mention Reunion in their Amherst Fund phone calls. This person-to-person outreach is essential in assuring a robust turnout. Personal calls and notes make all the difference. View class attendance histories.

Alumni and Parent Programs will email a current registration list each Friday following the opening of Reunion registration. The Reunion Attendance Trophy is awarded to the class with the highest percentage of classmates returning to campus. Please remind classmates to check in at the Reception Center by 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon so that they will be included in the counts to determine the trophy winner.


  • Ask classmates to provide the College with email addresses. The more email addresses we have, the more easily you and the College can communicate with your classmates about Reunion.
  • Your class website, Facebook pages and other social media sites are a great way to keep your class updated about Reunion plans. The class Web Editor/Social Media Chair should serve on the Attendance Committee if at all possible.