Some classes can expect a large number of children to be a part of their Reunion experience. For those classes – frequently the 15th, 20th and 25th – it is often helpful to have a committee to plan some family-friendly programs. Past schedules and information about College-sponsored, family-friendly programs are available from your class liaison.

The College also offers a Children’s Reunion Evening Program for children ages 4-12.

The College cannot provide care for children younger than 4 years old or provide private babysitters.

If a classmate lives in the Amherst area, they may have suggestions about local sitters. You can also use a source such as or to find local sitters with references. (Please note: These sites are private for-profit businesses and are in no way affiliated with Amherst College.)

Note: The College cannot guarantee that baby monitors will work outside of the walls of a residence hall. Additionally, we are not able to provide a secure network for baby monitors that utilize an internet connection.