This committee is usually chaired by the Class Treasurer, who coordinates with the Reunion Chair to establish and maintain a balanced budget. The class fee should be set high enough to cover all anticipated expenses but not so high as to deter attendance (view a table of past fees). If your class desires to offset costs for classmates for whom registration fees are prohibitive, you may want to build a small fund into your budget to support this effort. There are a number of options that can be offered by your class as far as registration fee categories, but there are also some restrictions and guidelines. Communicate with your class liaison to have the options you select included on the online registration form. Once the fee is set, it is not possible to change registration fee amounts. The College may assess a small registration fee in addition to class fees.

You will need to have fees set for the following categories of attendees by December 1:

    • Registering Alumnus/a
    • Guest who is an alumnus/a or Amherst student
    • Non-alumni guests
    • Widow/ers
    • Children aged 13-17
    • Children aged 4-12
    • Children 3 and under

Copies of income and expense summaries from previous classes are available from Alumni and Parent Programs. While these financial reports are not exact guides, they are useful in the planning process. The most common problems are the following:

  • Undercharging: Since the College cannot defray class costs for Class Reunions, some classes have had to ask classmates for additional contributions after Reunion (or make up any shortage themselves) because the fee charged did not cover costs. Plan carefully and build a generous cushion into your budget for expenses that may be higher than anticipated. Make a conservative estimate of the number of classmates and guests likely to attend when establishing a budget (see attendance histories as reference).
  • Incomplete Collection of Fees: The College will provide you with regular updates of who has registered and will supply a final list at your headquarters. It is up to the Class Treasurer and other class officers to note any attendees who do not appear on the final list of registered classmates and request that they register and pay the class fee.
  • Extravagance: Lavish dinners, expensive entertainment and excessive souvenirs require fees that could turn some away. Unless you have an overwhelming mandate from the class, focus on keeping the expenses down to enable as many classmates as possible to participate.

Class Bank Accounts

The College holds agency accounts for Reunion classes. Funds collected online (for Reunion registration) are directly deposited into class accounts. Checks sent in with paper registration fees are mailed directly to the College and should be made out to “Amherst College Class of XXXX.”

The funds in these accounts remain wholly owned by the class, and therefore are not tax exempt. Each class, through its designated representative (Treasurer) has the authority to set class Reunion registration fees, and raise and expend funds on behalf of the class.

Alumni registering for Reunion complete a single registration form with a single payment for class activities and College on-campus housing. The single payment is deposited by the College into the appropriate accounts.

All bills should be submitted to your class liaison in Alumni and Parent Programs for payment. To be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses, be sure to submit receipts. It generally takes two weeks for checks to be processed and mailed by the College; however, it may take longer in the weeks directly before and after Reunion, due to the volume of requests. Please keep these time restrictions in mind when planning with vendors. If you are working with a vendor that has not previously done business with Amherst College, please have them submit a federal W-9 form with their invoice.

Your class liaison will provide your class officers with updated class account information, usually on a monthly basis, with more frequent reports as necessary. Alumni and Parent Programs will email a current registration list, with fees paid, each Friday following the opening of Reunion registration.