This committee is responsible for submitting names of proposed class officers for the next five years (except the position of Class Agent, who is appointed by the College). The nominating process for all class officers should take place before Reunion through class communications or phone calls. The current Class President serves as the chair of the Nominating Committee, and the Vice President is also a member.

The committee should solicit suggestions from the class in the fall and, after consultation with your class liaison and classmates, determine the top candidate for each position. In fairness to the individuals nominated and to the class, the proposed slate of officers should be in place well before Reunion. At the class meeting, an election is most often a formal endorsement of the proposed slate of officers. A floor vote or run-off for officers during Reunion is difficult for the individuals who might be elected without having been informed of the process. If you would like to set up an online nomination and election system, consult your class liaison. Positions to be filled are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Web Editor/Social Media Chair, and Reunion Chair(s). Candidates should be given a job description and be willing to serve for a five-year period. Your class liaison will be happy to discuss the positions with the proposed candidates prior to Reunion. View a complete list of the titles and responsibilities of the class officers.

The outgoing Reunion Chair should confirm the names of the new officers with Alumni and Parent Programs immediately following Reunion.