If the class wants to provide mementos for classmates and, if you so choose, their families, this committee is responsible for doing so. Some classes choose instead to lower their class fee or to spend more of the fee on banquets rather than ordering souvenirs. See a list of potential suppliers, though you may of course work with whomever you choose. Amherst College has a trademarked visual identity; please ensure that your class souvenirs adhere to these guidelines. Alumni and Parent Programs will provide you with the appropriate high-resolution Amherst artwork or photography for your souvenir. It has been our experience that souvenirs requiring specific sizes can be difficult to manage. Non-size-specific souvenirs are often more successful.

Please Note: Amherst purple is PANTONE 267. Complementing purples are 2627, 2655 and 2645.

If you order from an out-of-town supplier, Alumni and Parent Programs can store your souvenirs until you arrive for Reunion. 

Please have these packages sent (Attn. Class of XXXX) to:
Alumni and Parent Programs, Amherst College
22 Hitchcock Road
Amherst, MA 01002